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  1. I would really like to see the driver lose it and drop the car while the guy was sticking out the door putting the lugs back on.

  2. so if he is changing the backtire, then we can probably safely assume, that the car is with front wheel drive… but… the from wheel up in the air, isnt turning? Seems a little shady to me… but i am not expert on cars, so maybe i am wrong.

  3. This is a complete fucking fail. The dude never got the lugs tightened, it took way more energy doing it this way, and this fucking moron that is changing the tire looks like a god damn terrorist.

    1. He just doesn’t want to be identified by his teachers goofing off when he should be home doing his cell-phone trigger homework.

  4. This is why Arabs with rocks and firecrackers will eventually kick the Jews out of the desert. They just need to realize that Islam is a lie and realize that Koran actually means toilet paper, not holy book.

  5. i agree with fake i highly doubt youd be able to keep the door open like that yet alone change a tire with out throwing the car off center

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