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    1. So does monkey tits…. I’m starting to wonder if she is not black and just an actual monkey with a Computer.

    2. Why is that Papa Smurf? I agree with Mr. Tits on this one. The “dude” above looks like an extremely gender confused wack job who should not be considered an icon.

    3. I love how make up girls on this website are bitches and hores but when it’s a gay you can’t say anything

      This just loks like a four colours pen AND being a gay who sing extreme sexual songs that only go on the internet doesn’t make you an icon

  1. Let’s see, choices, choices. Do I have a relationship with a pink-haired zombie who neglected to brush her teeth and had to get dental work done in 45 visits, or, do I go out with a human lizard whose tattoos will morph into looking like rotting human flesh in later years? Love is hard!

    1. they are the same person. so you thought there are two different girl and one is gonna be the love of your life, as you sad you cant decide. suggest you to be quick and pick the lady.

    1. You should pull 2homos dick out of your mouth long enough to think if you should be starting shit with us…

    2. At this point that Ambrosia and Thorr or Ambrosia and Doralingis shit is so fucking played out! Get new material or go fuck yourself! Actually go fuck yourself regardless!

    3. Ambrosia’s right, that shit’s more played out than her hulled out vag. And don’t fuck with Thorr…he will reach through his monitor and beat your ass. Never fuck with an internet badass.

    4. That’s right Bastard, because Ambrosia and I were the ones who started it, right? Oh wait, are you just trying to be an internet badass by protecting your little purple dinosaur boyfriend?

  2. you should be more respectfull to people not like you. all of us doesnt have to have same admiration. what makes life colorful is differnt likes and ideas. otherwise life would be very ordinary, wont it be?

  3. That is Jefree Star. It his intention to look that way and he’s been doing it for years. He is a drag queen….This is not a fail.

  4. That is Jefree Star. It his intention to look that way and he’s been doing it for years. He is a drag queen….This is not a fail.

    1. who or what grants you permission to think and decide for all mankind? what happened to free will of humanity? but I suppose you wont get it cause you are judge of universe.

    1. It’s just makeup, and it’s way too much. If he moved his hand from his face and his head a fraction in another other direction, you’d see how bad it is in the lighting.

  5. When I look at these I just hear the Spanish Lady from Family Guy.
    “…noooooo… seniooor..noooo….”

  6. Come on people, Jeff may look strange to you, but that doesn’t mean you can make fun of him like that. He is an individual and obviously there aren’t many original thinkers in here.

    1. Very simple minded, frightened, self-confused and judgmental people here…that’s what this site is obviously all about – the “let’s point fingers at everyone else so we don’t have to account for or face ourselves” types – maybe someday they’ll get it…

    2. There are, really, but people look in the wrong place.
      I don’t know much about Jeff, what does Jeff do that is original, or individulistic? (BESIDES cross dressing)

  7. thats jefferre star and this not a fail, its the way he lives hes life. if this is a fail the kim kardshain or other clebs should be fail.

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