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  1. Ha ha! This is from Mar Del Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina). This video was in every single news show. Poor guy, he must be still paying the loan to pay for the car.

  2. What exactly was he/she trying to accomplish? Any hail big enough to break a window would be better left to fall on any already accumulated hail. In fact, he should have been on the sidewalk heaping more ice on (in case some really big hail started coming down) rather than removing it.

    1. I was actually hoping to see his fat ass go thru the roof of the car. With all that shifting of weight that roof should have gave. Manufacturer win/Sane car owner fail.

  3. as a paintless dent repair pro, that hail wouldnt damage the car like his fat ass being on top moving around would, plus insurance would cover that even cheap insurance

  4. So he was really only worried about the roof. Fuck every other part of the car? The hail didn’t seem big enough to much damage and what the was with the music in the background?? Lol

    1. Well, while we’re down here,…uh,…if I brushed my cock up against your butt…uh…would that be okay? …Someway? Just askin’. Ya know? In case it accidently happened, ya know? Just sayin’.

    2. Trying that “Two Guys on One Girl” shit on me, huh Caliboy?
      Sorry, not my venue.
      When I can do the 2 gals, 1 guy, I’m cool with it. Meantime have fun with your missing dude, okay?

    3. Hey Dora, you were the one “accidentally” rubbing your dick on me dude, then pretending it was Ambster…

  5. BEEF ASS, we, the argies, are fucktards? who are you? some kind of brilliant mind? The MALVINAS belong to Argentina, the brits stole them many years ago. They killed tons of innocent people, good working people. Are you proud of that? ASSHOLE!

    1. Blaming all Brits with your biased opinions is like blaming all Americans for virtually wiping out the native Americans.

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