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  1. fake, but not shopped. Ever open an oreo? 100% white goodness … see the brown spots on the bottom left of that cookie? … that’s a previous spider-mash attempt that failed. Person put the spider in the cookie to get on fail …. guess it worked.

    1. I would challenge anyone to smash a spider this perfectly into the creme of an oreo, not going to happen. Your bottom left corner brown spot appears to be brown cookie residue and the fact that there is not even so much as the tiniest dimple in the creme from his “spider smash attmept” means your comment is a fail. The guys who say “fake” to every pic and video crack me up, yes everything you see online is fake, all of it.

    2. Agree. Oreo fill is too hard to mash it IN. Spidey would get gooshed out in all directions. This is a spider that fell in the warm soft mix at the factory.

    1. Yeah she did that all for the “comp”, a replacement pack of Oreo’s. You make Brainy actually seem smart and not just kiss ass.

    2. Well the making of Oreo’s has changed a lot since your day, they are joined together by machine. No way that a spider could end up slightly squashed along with dirt like that… Still, you are a sad old cunt who makes a profile just to pick arguments with people you don’t know.

  2. Even if you twist it open to eat it, its not bullet proof. the spider could always beon the other side of the frosting. Its a 50/50 gamble.

  3. I don’t believe it. He probably smashed the spider with the fucking cookie so he could take this picture.

    And PunchDrunk, you suck ass. Shut the fuck up, you goddamn simpleton!

  4. The whole smashing the spider with the oreo is kind of absurd however, is it possible that he found a dead spider and then mashed it in the oreo filling? Just saying. Pretty sure they have scanners in the nabisco factory to find imperfections/discrepancies…

    1. Never fear! From now on I, personally, will monitor and make sure that no arachnid or insect will enter our digestive tracts again.
      Just vote for me in the next elections, okay? I will “do things for ya”! Really.

    2. ELECTION OVER! I vote for Ambster! I wanna make sure we end it before Dora tries to outmatch you with the dress!

    3. Nothing will trump my shit eating grin and cock hanging outta my pants. Women love my shit eating grin.

    4. Yeah, someones mommy needs to stop telling them that they are irrisistable… Dora, your mom only says that to build your confidence… She doesn’t realize that she is giving you a false sense of hope and an unreachable reality…

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