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  1. So the pedo sicko little wanker working here, see everything as sexual,, or penis…. must be a gay teenager running this site.

    1. I know, right? Can’t a man gently stroke the back of his dogs head, while it is shoved in his crotch, while he is maintaining eyecontact with him, without it being construed as sexual? What the hell is this world coming to?

    2. The comment about the dog giving him a bj was sarcastic, dipshit.
      I bet you liked spiderman… a dude in tights that can shoot cum out of his wrist does sound more your style…

  2. I don’t get it. He’s looking at his dog. Is it because the dog is relatively close to his crotch? Does no one have a dog on this site? Dogs get as close to you as they can, since the dog is at crotch-height while sitting, well, guess where it’s head is going to be? It’s not a fail at all. This is just stupid.

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