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    1. Hitler needed a world without jewish people too . Don’t fuckin’ compare romanian people with gypsies you moron.

  1. Romanian men treat human beings like a piece of shit, so it’s no surprise that they treat animals that they ‘love’ the same.

    1. WTF? First of all those are GYPSIES not roumainian men, wish you all could differentiate them, second, every contry has bad and good people, to say that all the men from one nationality are in one particular way is plain stupid. Pretty much like you comment. Have a nice day!
      ps. roumainians are NOT gypsies!

    2. Yes. We treat human beings like a piece of shit, because we aren’t human beings…oh,wait…we are…therefor,using a simple syllogism, it means that we treat ourselves as if being a piece of shit…yet,wait..if we are a piece of shit, how could we treat anybody as anything, if we are not human beings? damn..i guess you got lost so far. you’re just a ten year old brat..and if you’re not, then daaaaaaaaamn, you reaaaaaaaaaally think like one.

    1. Maybe you should try to understand a few things. One of these things on which you should be focusing is that without these “savages”, there wouldn’t have been no airplanes today, as you know them. Another thing from these “savages” is that they got out of comunism on their own, no help whatsoever from any “ally”… it was quite a bloody revolution. Maybe, just maybe romanians were the ones driving the cars, the ones who overpaid for the construction of that highway, and maybe, just maybe, those were poor people, gypsies or not, who couldn’t afford to buy a car.
      P.S.: you should try to understand that the minimum wage in Romania is about 170 euros or around 200 bucks. Think about that when you buy your next 10$ icecream.
      P.P.S.: you should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. @Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) “You Still Do HER”??
      That’s 2 man….. Ooo!!!!! The Horse….. Have Fun…..

  2. Learn to fucking differentiate “Gypsies” also known as RROMANI, from ROMANIANS, which are from ROMANIA (country). Gypsies don’t have a country of their own. They live in Romania, France, UK, America etc. So before you post an article with the title “Romania Fail”, do some fuckin reserach and have some fuckin common sense knowledge, if intelligence is lacking. Gypsies are everywhere. not only in Romania. The fact that what happens in this video took place in Romania, doesnt mean that all Romanians are assholes or fails. People are good / bad. And generally, gypsies are just some fuckin’ disgusting creatures. So don’t fuckin’ associate Romanians with this scums.


    2. its in relation to the horse the title of the fail is!!

      Breeding of the Romanian Trotter began late in the 19th century when American, French & Russian trotters were imported for the sport. These animals were crossed with local Nonius & Furioso mares. Today this is a rare breed.


    3. @BEEF ASS If you have ever seen the Skittles commercial about being a contradiction, this totally applies to you. One minute you engage in mindless arguments and ridiculous banter then follow it up with something intelligent and informative, LOL, not sure how to take you just yet.

    4. i dont think that all gypsies are “disgusting creatures” but i think you are racist, my friend! so fuck you maaaader, your grandmaaader, your generaaaatien and your whole ancestor 🙂

      bustis tu dei te merez tu lumni

  3. How the fuck shouldn’t I be offended by this ??!?
    I don’t see any fucking video made in the US called “USA fail”?!??
    Some fucking morons in Romania are running on the freeway with their horses and BAM, ROMANIA FAIL! Fuck you epic fail!!! Why don’t you say EUROPE fail? Romania is a state in the European Union!!!
    And about the gypsies… I couldn’t care less… Here in Romania we all think that americans are very stupid people, and also this is spread all around Europe… but I guess you cannot be bothered with this…

  4. this is mega shit, because i am Romanian! But i will never do what this 2 idiots are doing. and another thing as you see in the video, they look gypsies and gypsies come from? India?

    So idiot, which you think Romanians are gypsies think as that, black people from america are american or from africa!!!

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