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    1. Soooo “chinks” are ok…but “yanks” suck fat ass? Even though its not “yanks” in this picture. Lol I love your logic!

    2. I refer you to the case, McDonald’s Restaurants Limited sued Helen Steel and Dave Morris, a former gardener and a postman, for libel after they published a series of leaflets denouncing the company.

      The judge overseeing the case decided that, although the pair could not prove some of their accusations – that McDonald’s destroyed rainforests, caused starvation in the third world or disease and cancer in developed countries – it could be agreed that the company exploited children, falsely advertised their food as nutritious, indirectly sponsored cruelty to animals and paid their workers low wages: a major blow to the brand in an age of increasing consumer-consciousness.


    4. Hey you retarded racist ! Fuck you! I bet you live in America , if you do… Move the fuck out and go to canada you fucking prick. Talking shit about America. Motherfucker, Our nation gives hope to other nations that they will live freely and do what they please. Fuck MCDONALDS, that is corporate America… By the fucking way, EVERY BODY loves mcdonalds.. Even where your racist, ignorant ass came from. You motherfuckers always talking shit but at the end AMERICA is winning! Let me not start with the British, because i sense your a Brit, you are just mad, America is better than Great Britain. Tell your gay ass secret society to get the fuck up out our nation with your fucking gay bloodline families. piece of shit. Then you try to justify your racist fucking mind with a gay fucking story about some morons who tried to fuck mcdonalds. STFU PRICK

    5. Some of the comments on here remind me of acid… One minute, you are being incredibly intelligent, and the next, you are licking street signs…

    6. ahaa You think that “Our nation gives hope to other nations that they will live freely and do what they please.” I’am sure they think that while striping there natural resources to sell to you for fuck all, while there kids die of preventable illness i sure its top of there mind that.

    7. We can see here that ahaa has a real problem. First statement ”Hey you retarded racist” as a judgement and then the guy starts bashing on Great Britain and almost treating Canada as refuge for pricks. Who’s the recist hmm?

    8. Why are you arguing with this troll? He/She wanted nothing other then to get people to pay attention to him/her. Learnt o ignore stupid people making stupid comments and they will go away.

    9. Canada is full of MacDonald’s. This photo isn’t about MacDonalds; nothing wrong with MacDonalds; it’s about some dumb student contest or bet or something and a coming Trillion dollar heart-disease epidemic in 30 years.

      I agree about the acid-trip comments. Beef-Ass was just trying to stir up trouble, and he did.

    10. I eat tons of fried food and I’m not fat. It is not the matter of McDonald’s. It is the matter of human stupidity. Or maybe it’s the matter of being american, since I am not.

    11. Here we go again! Do you honestly fucking believe that the only fat stupid people are in America? What fucking planet do you live on? They are all over!! Including whatever hole you live in!! Get a clue! You sound fucking stupid yourself saying asinine shit like that!

    12. Spokk, this picture is not from America… also, no amount of working out will hide you from the mass amounts of the carcinogens that are in the “tons of fried foods” that you eat.

    13. @spokk there lazy, when i was 2 i was down fucking pit, me mam was down there with me baby sister on her tit, we shifted two ton of coal on morn shift, then she gave birth to my baby brother sadly die of Consumption when he was a two hour old.

    14. @Thorr: Funny thing is that I’m not working out. In fact, I sit on my ass all the day. And carcinogens? Not really, in some countries of the world there are regulations (based on scientific work) that determine type of oil and maximum temperature, so the amount of carcinogens is under dangerous level with huge reserve. The type of potatos to be fried is regulated too. And then there are institutions that control relevant subjects. I guess you have them in America too, right?
      BTW I know the picture is not from the USA. But the discussion started by exactly that shift. And it’s logical association.

      @Ambrosia: No. I see those pumpkins sporadically around me. But this subculture was invented in the USA, you can’t deny it.

    15. Fucking prick is calling me a racist, i said nothing racist. i stated nothing but facts. Plus who is the moron talking shit about America huh? not me, did i said anything thing to hurt you fagots? oh i’m sorry, fucking morons. get a grip bro, just because you hate mcdonalds and you had a fucked up life because you can’t modernize to society today. Doesn’t mean you can start calling Americans dumb. We are a great nation, who fought hard and long to get where we are today. I called you a prick because you have no sense of respect nor do you have a clear argument on why America is bad. Everything America does secretly is 10x worst in Great Brit and Canada. Why is mcdonalds so bad huh? Richard and Maurice Mcdonald started from the bottom as a hamburger stand. look at them now.. That’s America for you, land of the free and home of the brave. Now look back in history to the illuminati, where the real problem is. That is the British fault, which corrupted some of our famous industries. Never bad mouth America, because when all fails… you will seek refugee in our NATION. piece of shit.

  1. It may not be healthy but fries taste good, pork chops taste good. Someone who works out can eat what he wants because his body uses the fat for fuel. None of the kids in this pic were obese (that one, maybe a bad influence?)

    1. The McDonald fries are fucking there eye’s look they all wear glasses!! plus the second one in on the borderline.

  2. Right now I am smoking a killer blunt and got the munchies from hell. This picture actually gave me a hard on. Now I got to get to MickeyD’s and get me some fries!!

  3. why is there canned soda? i would imagine this is in some rest stop or airport and not inside an actual McDonald’s location (unless they brought the cans from the outside, which is typically prohibited). i would also imagine the pain in the ass the fry cook filling this order had to go through unless this was a call ahead type of situation. I am impressed at the lack of condoments too.

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