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    1. that guy was straight in whip the panties off, and fucked her brains out, think thats why it cut so soon, epic fail could not show the brutal sexual assault that took place after.

    1. pardon me, it is croatian though…. in serbian language oxygen is ‘kiseonik’ an she talks about ‘kisik’…. ( :

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  1. so, was the experiment a success? I’d have gently caught her and brushed her hair out of her face, whilst asking her softly if she is ok.

  2. this croatian tv host, zlata is newly pregnant and that’s probably why she fainted… too bad the video is cut off too soon, since after she fainted, after a while she got up, and since the show was about oxygen, she said: well, atleaast now you know what happens when there’s lack of oxygen 😀

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