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    1. lol ~ I am claiming a blonde moment… the tag says monkey… but it looks like a fricken squirrell to me…

    2. 😉 wait… aren’t you brunette? Hey, that reminds me of our convo yesterday! It’s a good time, don’t you think?

    3. @Thor Hummer, Only part of Ambrosia is a “Brunette” is her Ass-o hairs….. Because it’s covered with shit…. Want to Hummer her??

  1. Squirrel….Squirrel is that you?? AaaaRRRRRggg my squirrel got stolen a few days ago, bet he’s the one who stole her!!

  2. It ain’t no monkey. Possum, maybe a dog? The background blends in to the animal’s body and makes it hard to tell WHAT the hell it is.

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