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    1. Yes you once were, otherwise you weren’t born, and your father is the real motherfucker

    2. Like being first makes you someone special?? Get off your daddy’s computer and go do your homework, then practice your band lessons.

    1. i fucking not sure, could be mac’ey Ds culture, if not she should abort that shit baby!!

  1. at least she is blowing up like a whale through her pregnancy unlike beyonce’s pregnancy.
    this is probably the nicest comment here.

  2. That’s a win… for her. After she pops the kid out she’s gonna sign some huge deal and make a ton more money.

    1. If I had to choose between your sad excuse you call a dick or a pointy stick, I’d choose the pointy stick. So I in fact will NOT take any cock I can get.

  3. Kim Kardashian was a slutty fuckin fail before that dress!! She might as well fuck that whale for heaven sakes…she fucked everybody else!

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