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  1. how is it a fail? teaching kids guns are cool is not a fail, plus he’s finger isn’t on the trigger and it looks as though it doesn’t have a trigger installed. how is it unsafe?

    1. @you Regardless of where you live, only someone that is afraid of firearms and freedom would make such a ridiculous comment.

      The main issue with gun violence today is that many people are not taught about gun safety as well as respect for others. Parenting has also been shitty for the past several generations.

      Early on in the history of my country, school kids brought their rifles to class, yes it actually happened. Nobody ever got shot, kids knew better back then and had far more respect for each other. Even in my own youth, kids were bringing pocket knives to school, nobody ever got stabbed or threatened for the same reason.

      Guns by themselves don’t kill people, evil and crazy motherfuckers who can get a hold of any kind of weapon do.

  2. Looks like the kid is handling the gun more safely than some photos I’ve seen of Dianne Feinstein pointing a similar firearm at her audience. I’d agree… win.

  3. Definitely a WIN! There is nothing in his photo that indicates anything unsafe is happening. If we try to eliminate the negative stigmas attached to firearms by the liberal media and teach our kids the proper respect for firearms, we can teach them that they can be fun as well as useful. We would have a much more well rounded and safer society if more parents did exactly what this kids parents are doing: removing the fear of an inanimate object from their child’s mind.

  4. Hey kid. Look down that little hole and tell me what you see. And don’t forget to take off the safety or it won’t be any fun.

    1. War Machine is in reference to his Ironman shirt in which you can see the character called War Machine

  5. This is a win. Parents should teach their children firearms safety, the proper handling of firearms, and a healthy respect for how dangerous they are. The kid looks like he is handling this firearm safely.

  6. This is a win! All parents should teach their children how to operate firearms safely. I don’t see how this would be a fail, plus the rifle has Magpul furniture! By looking in the background, you see a lot of ammo, even some in bags which makes me think the father reloads his own ammo. I am sure this house is very safe with firearms.

    1. stfu bitch just because one person fucked up doesn’t mean all gun people are crazy this child is holding the gun safely and is probably being taught how to handle them so accidents dont happen

  7. I think it’s ridiculous that the same people that rail against abstinence only sex education are usually the same people that find it unbelievable that you’d teach a kid gun safety.

    Oh noes, a child is handling a gun after the adult has taught him gun safety and is currently supervising him!!!

  8. I think it’s a toy gun. A real AR15 weighs about 8 lbs. A kid his size couldn’t hold up a real gun like he’s holding it.

    1. Put down your crack pipe, dumbass. He’s holding it up like I hold up a beer. There’s no struggle at all.

  9. Just when I felt bad about my parenting skills, the internet came to the rescue with this. Thank you internet.

  10. Oh yes, I’m sure it’s loaded. And the safety is off. And he is alone and took this photo using a camera on a tri-pod. Makes sense.

  11. He has his fingers off the trigger, he’s doing better than my co-workers. I had to remind them several times, fingers off the trigger till your ready to fire.

  12. It doesn’t appear to be a fake. It appears to be (possibly) a Bushmaster MOE. I see that it is using a MOE adjustable stock, a MOE handguard, an attached MOE foregrip, and a MagPul P-Mag. I’ve had one of these, so it is most likely real. And an AR-15 doesn’t weigh that much.

    That said, if the child is being taught about gun safety and proper gun handling (which is what any responsible parent who cares for their children should do,) then it is a win. Gun safety begins at home, and teaching begins with the parents.

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