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  1. WTF, that 8 year old only got up to 100 in snowy conditions, what the hell are we teaching our kids now days? Back when I was young it would have been 160 and we did not have 4wd or power steering!!

    1. Will you shut the fuck up about your anal fetish already? We all know you’re a balls deep fudgepacker.

  2. at first i was like oh, how is this a fail? i mean parents let their kids drive all the time… but wtf is up with hitting 100 and in these conditions! this guy has got to be an idiot!

    1. Not the same person who’s driving. Notice blue taboggan vs. red taboggan. #2. Driver appears to be about 16, so no big deal. #3. By listening to the language and the music, I suggest they are all camel jockeys, so who gives a shit about if they wreck and die or not?

    2. Afraid I have to agree with popo on this one, the girl in the back seat that appears to be the filming this is hot as hell. Epoch however needs to pay closer attention the the very end of the video.

  3. anyone else notice the keys aren’t in the ignition? pause at :53 and look just to the right of the steering wheel, looks like its been punched

    1. certain versions of “push to start” don’t require to have keys in ignition. immobiliser key can be in a different location too.

  4. Yeah, I was kind of hoping when “it” crossed the center line that this was the beginning of the fail but it never came. Disappointed EF.

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