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    1. WHY??? WHY WOULD U SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT, NO FUCKING SHIT ITS FAKE. U leavin this comment is as bad as people posing the kiss face or those chicks who get the dumb ass eye brow trims…….WOW!!!! YOUR A COMMENTING FAIL!!! DUMB ASS

    2. I think this should be posted everywhere to see how dumb u r for say this!!!

      YOU ⇨FAIL⇦ ME ★WIN★

    3. yeah it`s fake,the prank is fake.. teacher is acting really bad. this was not a prank on the teacher, they, including the teacher, are just seeking attention

  1. This site is fucking retarded. You asshole moderators think that kids scaring the living shit out of an adult like this is a win, yet when a parent teaches their child about guns it’s a fail? Fuck you liberal cunts. You fucking people have you god damned heads all backwards. I wish I could slap the shit right out of them for you but that won’t ever happen. You will die after living a life where you don’t contribute anything of value while destroying your own childrens lives and the lives of those unfortunate enough to have to be around you. Just die.

    1. The kids probably got suspended for it. You can tell the teacher was going to punish them. She could have had a heart attack LOL.

    2. Children’s lives are already fucked up. They don’t need our help, dipshit. The teacher has about as much humour as you do.

    3. @Nuckelhedd – Give up, you gave it your best shot. So you’re a poor excuse for a fascist, who cares? So you speak English at a 6th grade level, well done. But when it comes to dishing out an Epic Fail worthy tongue lashing you sound like the progeny of a mentally retarded ape and Roseanne Barr.

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