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    1. 2homo, she’s right. Your insults are really getting old and boring. Why don’t you excuse yourself from this site. Go have your anal sex on another website.

  1. Unless of course you’re BRAIN dead and alive, in which case you’d be a zombie…err…dead OR alive?? Dead AND alive?? I feel a Shrodinger’s cat moment coming on…GAAAHHH I’m so confused…XD

    1. I was going to point out that grammatical error, also. But maybe the person wanting the tattoo has a dog named “Alive,” and feels that if you’re alive it doesn’t mean that Alive is also living. He may have died of natural causes and left the owner alive. That must be it, because nobody WOULD BE DUMB ENOUGH TO GET “YOU’RE” AND “YOUR” MIXED UP, RIGHT??? And of course, the tattoo artist would have pointed this out, since it’s so obvious. But then again, they may both be products of the American public school system, and that would explain everything.

  2. I posted it and i wished i would have added the comments, because she really didnt mean to spell it like that, as soon as i saw it i thought of epic fail.

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