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  1. I didn’t think Doralingis had anything to impress Ambrosia with but here it is… no wonder you have some guy friends… sucking their dicks, huh?

    1. Better than your Vienna weenie! Sounds like you are interested in Dora too! First Thorr now Dora?

    2. Where is DORA (Aka Finger Fuck FRED)???
      I’ll bet he is at home looking at this VEIDO, PLAYING with his small cock thinking of Ambrosia (if only she can do it better…….. )

    3. 2homo your looking good from the hormones, you should really get your op pushed forward, you could proper fuck Aromia then!!

    4. @2lolo I hate you. i fucking hate you.. you, I hate.. hating you is how I make my day feel like im basking in a sea of beautiful hate toward you.

  2. I was waiting to see him choke, but I guess he has so much practice from deep throating so many cocks that he probably just can’t get enough. He’s a real tough guy.

    1. in general all hotdogs are precooked. But we can always hope that the internet ridicule he will get from “making this film viral” will prevent a second in the series.

  3. Inhaling falic symbols is HUGE in the UK, hotdogs, brats, links, summer sausage. There are no dick shaped meats safe from inhalation in that crazy ass place, now it appears to be spreading to the states.

  4. You learn a lot in prison…some more than others.
    I’d be kinda cool to know this random trailer park guy in person, but no man, you’re not going viral. Least, not in the way that matters.

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