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  1. Seriously? Yes, she looks pale, but that is most likely due to what is obviously a shitty camera that does not have good contrast with it’s single CCD. The rest of the picture looks fucking bland.
    EF, you dumb cunts need to find better material, and also stop stealing the majority of your material from other sites. You people suck monkey balls.

    1. Well if you don’t like it here, why don’t you a) not come here or b) make a better website yourself? Just sayin’.

  2. Look at her hand and the bottom part of her neck, right above the shirt. Her make up is too light, bad camera or not. Is it really a epic fail? Meh…

    1. False. There is a thing called flash on cameras, and then there are composition compensation algorithms. These two often don’t work together on shitty cameras. If what you suggest was true, her whole neck should be darker – it’s not. The whole right bottom corner is darker, which clearly indicates this is camera/photographer fail.

    2. Ok women put base makeup AND powder down on their necks all the time. It’s supposed to make it look more blended and natural, and it is when it’s the right skin color. I didn’t disagree that it was a shitty camera and I know what a flash on a camera is.

  3. Yes, she probably went a bit heavy on the powder, but this is a natural pale girl anyway, and her bad camera makes her look even more pale. There is NOTHING wrong with being very pale/white, just like there is nothing wrong with being very dark/black.
    It’s called diversity, not “fail”.

  4. Not fail enough for this site, she barely failed at all. This is just a relatively normal looking girl, most girls do this. Granted it is usually a shade darker rather than a shade lighter, but it isn’t so off that it’s worth putting on here.

    1. Clearly she fell into it! lol Making us comment … What’s Wrong? we clearly have been Failed… ??? 😛

  5. @Ambrosia I hope you got the HINT??? Cover your Pussy with Make-up and Play Dead… Grave Digger JIMMY can smell “DEAD ROTTEN PUSSY” 10 miles away…. EAT, EAT,EAT!!!! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK…… Grave Digger JIMMY Does a good job on DEAD BODY…..

  6. Whoever submitted this is retarded. We have a normal looking lady here. EF’s posting ability is “epic fail”.

  7. I “fail” to see anything wrong with this photo other than lighting. I’ve submitted photos that were epic make up fails and you never posted them…yet you think this is a fail? What’s wrong with you people?

  8. Umm Bros, this is a man. So gender identity fail yes. But considering how many people he fooled, I’d have to concede a makeup win. Still disgusting

  9. Seriously? Took out the rest of my comment? No wonder the old commenters left this site. Peace out. Effing bogus. What a waste of a site now.

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