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  1. Seemed to me he was having a fucking heart attack as apposed to be becoming a werewolf. Lol Don’t quit your day job!

  2. Seemed to me he was having a fucking dick attack as apposed to the usual victim Ambrosia. Lol Don’t quit your day job!

    1. Wow, that absolutely sucked balls. What does that even mean you retard? You think copying what I wrote and changing it up a little is clever? You’re wrong!

    2. @Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) What happen?? Tell me you didn’t….. DAMN IT!!!! You did smell
      Ambrosia ROTTEN DEAD FISHY PUSSY again…. Change into a Donkey Fuck..

    3. Stupidest post that I’ve ever read on this entire site. Wow, dude. You must really be embarrassed.

    4. 2lolo sets the bar really really high for stupidity, it’s like one of those world records that only the guy who set it will ever have a chance at breaking it.

    5. @Punch My Drunk Ass,, STOP ASKING…. I will NOT FIST FUCK YOUR ASS… Ask Ambrosia she FIST FUCK Many Ass-os…..

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