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  1. that’s all packaged stuff, the expiration date is so far on the safe side there it’s not a big deal at all, yogurt for example often is 3 months after it expires still edible, it may have a slight change in colour or a bit more of the dried stuff on the lid. And the things on the pic there are all easily half a year or longer over the expiration date good (army food is just the same stuff and it’s edible for 30 years and longer)

  2. Speaking as a cook, best before and shelf life aren’t really that important. Its the use by that you should look at. Don’t eat anything past its use by date, as your more likely to develop food poisoning. This most likely refers to shelf life, as shops have to have sold it by then, or reduce the price to clear it.

  3. story of Indian food in the rest world.I faced same thing in Britain.In a shop , when I complained that these food are expired , give me fresh one . They offered bye one get one on same food.

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