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  1. First…. mmmm…. ok… i wrote “first” and nothing happened so… i dont understand.. i swear i dont get the point of writing stupidly “first” if there is no gonna be a prize or an award for doing so… lol… to be sincere i felt terrible stupid for doing it…. gosh..
    btw…. yes… kid win!!

  2. no, the child did not, and has not won. and judging by this, will not be doing so in the future either. this, and anyone who comments that it is a “win” fails in epically retarded fashion.

  3. So poor grammar and English is a win these days? 2lolo you’re in luck, according to EF you are a WIN!!!!

    1. @Punch My Drunk Ass, Your Mom said you can go into the pool.. She be in her bedroom with me….

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