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    1. Lol I was just stating that that picture was bullshit….sorry…it was vague! 😉 I don’t see how you pour the coffee add the creamer, drink it…etc and not notice a spider of that size! But yes, spiders are disgusting.

  1. Fake!
    1. This looks like coffee. Normally you cook the water to prepare a coffee. If it’s not a magic spider, then it will die for sure when you fill in the hot water. and finally, if a spider dies, the body and the legs contract, building a ball.
    2. spiders are not stones. they don’t will sink to the ground. and if you would no recognize that such a big spider is swimming on the top of your cup then you deserved it.

  2. Spiders are to the world what 2lolo is to Epic Fail. We tolerate them but can’t stand being around them. We certainly don’t want one touching us and if spiders could speak I’m certain we wouldn’t be able to understand shit they say.

    1. @Punch My Drunk Ass,, Did you know I have a SPIDER TATTOO on my Cock Head… Your Mother love SPIDER.. She is kissing it now…. DAMN SHE GOOD……..

  3. This is one of those mugs with the fake critters glued onto the bottom for pranks. Seen it somewhere else. Fake and lame.

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