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    1. I agree but it must be a mirror image. Notice both have their watch on the “right” arm. Less than 5% of people wear their watch on their right wrist. Besides, it could be his daughter or sister. I say it’s real.

  1. I don’t understand why such a cute girl would photoshop herself and add such a guy besides her! Really! Why!? 🙂

  2. @Fish are you retarded or very stupid? you can see where he cut out his own pic to paste next to the girl. I hope you never have kids; someone pissed in your gene pool. And please don’t say you were kidding or being sarcastic. 5% of people who believe in bad Photoshop need to be castrated.

  3. this is a staged faked.. purposely jacked up.. no one trying to photoshop something would “accidently” forget to cut out around her arm.. apparently is scraping the barrel for content, and now just makeing shit up…. this isn’t a photoshop fail, it’s an epicfail fail.

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