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  1. That is not a win. That is a spending your time fail. If he would have used that time learning guitar he would be surrounded by pussy.

    1. Holy shit you’re commenting about on a site filled with stupid shi* and the thought of telling someone how to better spend their time came across your mind. You sir are a serious dumb ass.

  2. EF, STOP stealing material from other sites like funnyjunk. %90 of your material comes from funnyjunk. Quit it and find material on your own or just drop the site. You people are the worst there is.

    1. Being shared is one thing when you give credit to where you found something. Slapping your logo on it and posting it on your site is stealing.
      You are the idiot.

    2. There have been many cases where I have found an image on one site with their logo on it and then I found the image on this site a few days later with the image cropped so to remove the original sites logo and EF pates their logo over the original sites logo.
      So, Tony, STFU.

    3. Deadly no site owns this silly little Indian fellow with batshit crazy multitasking abilities so who gives a flying fuck which site you noticed it on first, they all steal shit and slap their logos on it

  3. I think that’s Stanford, therefore I think he used his time wisely, as he will be surround by money in the future whether or not he learned how to do the rubik’s cube like that. Furthermore, you’d be surprised how much girls like the fact that he can solve it while juggling.

    1. Ya he can prolly give you and orgasm while doing your math homework and call people to see if they’d like to sign up for an American express card all at the same time!

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