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    1. don’t get this whats about to fail, is the lid about to fall off the bottle or something.

    2. It has a twist-open spout. Still doesn’t mean it’s open though. Said to be mild. No problem if the kid’s used to chili.

    3. He has the twist cap in his mouth. It is pretty mild though, probably be a good teething assistant.

  1. It’s a bottle of hot sauce (chile), the top stays on but the tip is cut off at a angle to allow you to pour it out slowly

    1. Dose shit add to the flavor of food. Or just give you fond memories of your childhood spending time unsuporvised with ur uncle

  2. It’s not all mild – it looks like Sriracha – I have a hot Sriracha that blows your head off – even a chilli head like me – lol

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