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    1. Like hell it does. Nobody wants Blue Moon. I’ve worked as a vendor for years and nobody ever buys that shit unless I’m all out of Fat Tire and Sierra Nevada.

  1. The makeup is totaly fail, of course, but so are the ever-present pucker lips that white trash women feel are required in pics like this. When will it ever stop???!!!

  2. Bluuue moooon, you saw me standin’ aloooone/
    Without a dream inmahheaaaart/ without a loove of my oooooOH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT IS THAT SHIT, GET IT AWAY.

  3. PLEASE, could we not describe God as f..cking? I know it’s just a phrase to many, but think of it: it’s extremely, extremely offensive to people who are actually believers.

  4. I am sure someone that knows here or she will see this on the site so I offer words of wisdom..

    DON’T DRAW IN EYEBROWS! It makes you look fucking stupid.
    DON’T DO THE DUCKFACE! It’s been proven that people that pucker their lips for every picture have a substantially lower IQ than people that don’t duckface every picture.

    Oh and the eye makeup… Uh.. You weren’t trying to look good were you? HAH!

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