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  1. you put a pressurized can of flammable chemicals in an open fire what else is going to happen? not an axe body spray fail more of a stupid people fail or explosion win

  2. @Ambrosia, I have an Idea…. Why don’t you place a large can of AXE Body Spray in the fire place and bend over your Ass in the fire…

  3. @Ambrosia, There’s a new member of EF his name is “FISHY” is he your Ex-boyfriend or your Daddy??
    Just asking…. Because he smell just like your Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy… That’s how Grave Digger JIMMY love his FAGS… Dead Fishy Smell….

    1. i really like the smell of your sister she smell’s better than your Turd breath and im Sure @Ambrosia smells just fine

    2. @Grave Digger JIMMY, Ambrosia Smells just fine to you… You LOVE the smell of DEATH…….

    3. 2homo, I hear they caught you down at the school yard handing out candy to little boys. You really should go back to older men say, 17??

  4. This would be an idiotic move even if you were stupid drunk.

    “WOOOO, we shhoulld lieek, goo run NAKED thru thhe poooLIIce statiiiooon!”

    “Nah, let’s….let’s… throw this…AXE CAN *hic*…in the.. FIRE…”

    Whaaaaa… nah man…that’s.. STUPID… *slobber*”

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