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  1. Fail to have your kid over trained like that at the age of 6. Too few kids are doing sports nowaday, so respect for that. But this level of training can’t be a kid playing around. It’s parents with a “vision” for their kid and some over the top expectations.

    -> Parentsfail

    1. Well, probably the father of this kid is a break dancer. And aslong as this kid enjoys the time where him and his father do break-dancing, who are we to judge?

    1. So the competition was held in Paris, the announcer is speaking French, the girl is from England and this makes her a Mexican? You couldn’t be a bigger idiot if you tried and I have a feeling you will try.

  2. I hate break dancing. It’s nothing more than a circus act designed to lure a crowd of saps — so that pickpockets can stay busy plying their trade. I’ve witnessed it in NYC and New Orleans. Stay away from them!

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