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    1. If you look at the Reality, it has about the same number of pepperoni slices, and if they’re the size of those in the box photo, you’re getting a LOT more pizza.

  1. $19,99 for a pizza? what a rip off dot just that. and it’s new? last year the UK had that in asda. heart shaped. any topping you want as it’s from create your own and the price? £4.00 which is about $6,00?

    1. Ugh. That is some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard. Why the hell would I waste my time and having to sign in and out and shit to do that? And even IF that were true, why the FUCK do you care? Seems like you need to worry what you are doing rather than what I’m doing you fucking loser.

    2. @Thorr- I have no idea. He did call me a NYMPHO SLUT though so the tiny bit of niceness no longer counts…lol.

    3. Lol well a nympho isn’t necessarily a bad thing but being called a slut didn’t really do much for me!

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