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  1. big fricking deal. make a mountain out of a molehill, you’ll get money for it. way to go. bloody overreacting letigious load of horse shit.

    1. Exactly. Mountains out of molehills. Damn sue happy Americans. If they really didn’t want the kid in any danger whatsoever, why did they have her FEED ANIMALS? Why not have her tour the gift shop instead>Clearly the dolphin wasn’t rabid, it just grabbed for fish and missed. People like this ultimately get things shut down and ruin it for everyone. meh.

  2. If it was so dangerous why take your kids there in the first place? I don’t think it was trying to bite her, I think the dolphin assumed she had fish and went to take it. This crap happens when you have attractions like this. Get over it, she wasn’t seriously hurt.

    1. @Ambrosia With your Rotten Dead Fishy Smelling Pussy….. PLEASE DON’T FEED THE DOLPHIN!!!!!!

    2. @2lolo Seriously dude, Give it a rest. You’re obsessed with Ambrosia. Do you really have to reply to every single post she makes with “CAPSLOCK BAD SPELLING GENERIC INSULT” Go outside and find a better hobby to curb your social retardation.

    3. you could have the same thing happen with a dog or cat, so does that mean we should get rid of our pets as well???