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  1. reporters should have been more carefull when pissing of a tough guy like bieber. thank goodness he didnt break someone’s head

    1. I’m no Bieber fan, but I have a very dim view of paps. Now even dimmer after watching a heavily-built skinhead grown man try to start a fight with a puny teenager. Not only a bully but trying to manipulate a youngster into doing something stupid to increase his bank balance.

    2. um, am I the only adult that wants to smack the shit outta that stupid little bitch? I think its funny he trys to flex nuts like that. That bald dude would lay him out.

    3. Sorry, but if you know anything about fighting you know that there is no way for you to make that call based on size difference. I have seen many little guys beat the fuck out of big fat fucks. As for me, I was glad to see him jump out of the van, now I DON’T think he’s a stupid little bitch.

  2. This just in, Doralingis is confirmed to have said that he believes and I quote, “He (Justin Bieber) is so sexy when he is mad.”

    1. Aromia yeah you got the fucking little cock!! its a tweenie weenie nub! dyke pedo leser!! the paps where right!! if i was the paps i would of fucked you as soon as got that fucking car, i would of split your semi-formed vag/cock in half!!

    2. wtf beef ass you talk like a non-english speaking pensioner suffering from alzheimer’s some times.

    3. @Beefy My Ass,, WHY are you so Damn Piss-Off???
      Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) Still love your Beefy Ass….

    1. “Does pussies in USA”……really……that’s what you’re leading your shit talk with? Looks like the Sound of Jamaica is fucking stupidity.

    2. Ok what the Hell do you have against America? Sorry we aren’t a third world country where there are so many gangs you say anything against one you get killed.

  3. Let’s see, a fat, bald guy with a camera waits in the rain for at least an hour to take a picture of Bieber, then calls Bieber names. I think I have a new definition for the word “loser”.

  4. I can’t see Bieber did anything at all to the guy. He was just bad-mouthing and baiting him on purpose.

    There’s Paparazzi, but that guy was just being a Paparazzole.

  5. GIVE THE GUY A BREAK!! He is angry and hurt because his mom is recovering in the hospital. I pounded that b!+ch so bad, she exploded like an over-cooked hotpocket.

  6. LOL that photographer. When Brits are angry they sound like that little pussy kick in your neighborhood that talks shit as he is speeding away on his bicycle. If I was Bieber I would have punched him square in the face. Maybe it would loosen that upper lip.

    1. and then the puny talentless little spoilt yank faggot would have got knocked out by a weedy photographer.

    2. Doubt that. He is a brit photographer after all. Probably the only person in the world Bieber would be able to take out.

  7. Justin’s “music” offends me just as much as the next guy but that fat oaf of a photographer gives us lime eating/lime disease carrying folks a bad name.

  8. You cant blame the English from wanting to drive out this turdling from their lands. I salute you fat guy, job well done!

  9. The reporter talked shit about his girl ‘little latin american whore’ so he defended her… Dont hate. The reporter ‘failed’ as a middle aged man talkimg shit about a young girl he doesnt even know… They should make laws stopping papparzzi (sp?) from doing shit like that. If i was young beiber i would have turned to the cameras and said ‘i bet someone would pay 10k to see this prick with his face smashed in’

  10. As much as i cant stand Justin Bieber at least he aint a fat bald moron whos no harder than his london accent waiting outside for hours trying to take pictures of kids who makes in a day what he makes all year…. now THATS why he thinks hes a little cock!

  11. So like… They called him names……..SO THIS IS STUPID! He got mad because they called him names. SO DUHHH HE GOT MAD!

  12. All this proves is that Justin Bieber is like every other testosterone filled 19 year old on the planet. What guy wouldn’t jump out of the van and want to punch that fat fuck in the head?

  13. lot of 10 year old justin beiber fans on here. the only reason he jumped back out of his limo is because he knew his bouncers would hold him back. and for all you yanks with the limey jokes, do you even know what a lime is? i wasn’t sure if you would, you know because its not deep fat fried

  14. That Brit really does need to have a little more respect. After all if it weren’t for the U.S. he would most likely be speaking German right now.

  15. They should have let those 2 bitches slap fight it out in the street. We might have seen a titty fall out.

  16. The paparazzi faggot said fuck America & that’s why briber get mad which I totally have his back on that!! This ain’t no fail!!!

  17. I love the fact that at :42 one of the camermen is pissed of because they are filming him. Bit of a double standard?

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