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    1. I made Ambrosia and Fred disappear. Unfortunately they might come back, but one thing is certain …I made a difference and made this world a better place.

    2. Dammit I made the mistake of speaking her name now she appears, along with her loyal goblin.

    3. loyal goblin? I prefer to be called her “Devout Mythical Sex Gnome” if you wouldn’t mind…

    4. Well if you have any interest at all in me he considers you desperate. He called me a fat stupid mannerless attention whore I believe? The opinion of a loser truly hurt me.

    5. Hey Turd Breath 2lolo you Beg every day that your gay uncle don’t post pictures of you too doing it

  1. made the man’s day. hero. good for both of them. the kid took the time to learn something cool. he can entertain people and boggle minds. he’s not out drinking, taking drugs, or robbing people. f’kin excellent.

    1. This dude was the Pole Position champion back in ’85 and he’s trying to give him a second chance at the glory days.

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