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  1. THIS is the shit that pisses me off the most when I am dealing with unexplained infertility. This and people who beat their children, or are so strapped up on Government Aide they don’t have to have REAL jobs, yet they continue having kids and my husband and I can’t get pregnant after 3+ years of trying. I don’t get it, it’s like a slap in my face to see this crap. I HATE people who don’t appreciate the BLESSING children are and don’t respect the role of being a PARENT.

    1. There may be a reason why the higher power doesn’t want you to have a child. Maybe you’re too close minded and ignorant to properly raise a child. Maybe you’re just some really dumb cunt that doesn’t deserve a child. Maybe your man is a child molester that hasn’t come out yet. Maybe someone put a curse on you. Maybe your man is spending too much time fucking other bitches behind your back and he leaves all of his viable sperm with them instead.
      Being a feisty bitch, you will probably have postpartum depression and murder your child in a fit of rage because you think that your man thinks you’re fat and ugly, which is likely true anyways, so you go and drown your child in a tub full of bleach and then roast the child in the oven and eat half of the corpse while trying to make a hat out of the rest of the skin and then decide to chew on a light bulb while masturbating with the child’s arm bones.
      I’ll just say, you are one sick sick person.
      I’m just super saiyan.

    2. It’s just a pregnant woman enjoying a beer. Light to moderate consumption (up to 6 drinks/week) is completely harmless. I can’t post a link to the study because EF usually blocks links, even crippled ones.

    3. See if you can Google this, if it posts: mom stories 06-25-2012 new-study-says-moderate-drinking-is-okay-while-pregnant

    4. To 0n3_e3isty_biTcH. No one gives a shit about your unexplained fertility. What does your infertility or government aide have to do with this posting? Get a therapist if you want to vent about your crappy personal life.

    5. @deadlyfoez.. wow… your comment is very offensive, you have no right to post such things on people you don’t know that are trying to have a baby and consider kids as a blessing. you’re a dick and if you have or you will have kids i’m sorry for them to have a father that dares to speak like this to a woman he doesn’t even know and treats her in that horrible way. is outrageous and you’re immature.

    6. Irene, actually, I do have the right. It’s called “Freedom Of Speech”. Look it up you dumb whore. I certainly don’t see the admins here doing anything to stop me from saying whatever the fuck I want. So with all those things combined, I think I DO have the right.
      Go fuck yourself whore.
      BTW, I have 2 children, because I’m not some infertile dumb fuck.

    7. And Irene, you know what I hate? I hate hypocrites. Bitching at me about being offensive, and then calling me a dick. I’ll tell you what. I hate people. I hate everyone. I yell at everyone. I tell everyone how much they suck, and I mean EVERYONE. I tell it to my wife, the police, the bank teller, the snot nosed bastard at the fast food place, my children’s friends, and I even have yelled at almost all of the people that I would consider as friends. No lie. I hate everyone.
      But you know what? No one has called the police on me. Even the police have not done anything about it when I yelled at them. And you know why? Because I am protected by the constitution.

    8. I’m going to take a wild guess and Say your white and obviously this piece of crap in the isn’t. Don’t get mad your tax dollars will be supporting this monkeys mistake

    9. @DeadlyFoez, I’m far from “incapable” of having children, I had two during my 1st marriage, a marriage I left because my ex-husband was an abusive POS. My marriage now, is perfect, I am FAR from “close-minded” and my husband is FAR from being anything but a decent human being, he served this country in Afghanistan as a Marine, then was out of the military for two years before returning. Obviously what I said about people who “use the system” having babies they have no business having “struck a cord with you” because from your posts its obvious that you are the “close-minded c**t” and most likely are one of the useless wastes of life that drains our system. Have a nice day because I know your “rant” doesn’t hurt my feeling, people have their speculations, but 99% of the time they are just that, SPECULATIONS, and they are WRONG 🙂

    10. Feisty Slut, how can you say your marriage is perfect when you can’t produce a baby now? Sounds like one of you is broken. And no, you didn’t strike a chord with me in any way, I was just pointing out that there must be a reason why your god doesn’t want you to have any more children. It’s probably because you are such a dumb cunt.
      BTW, there is a difference between “chord” and “cord”. You dumb fat cunt. Yeah, god doesn’t like stupid people having children.

  2. So is this lady just incredibly stupid (drinking alcohol while pregnant), uncaring of the health of her child, or what? Seem like those are the only two options. In any case, it was nature’s mistake to issue her reproductive organs.

    1. The latest and best studies of over a thousand pregnancies and child outcomes found no problems with moderate alcohol consumption during late pregnancy.

      EF shouldn’t be promoting stone-age urban legends.

  3. Pregnant women have no business drinking at all, regardless of who says it is/isn’t safe. They are crazy enough without throwing alcohol into the mix.

  4. You people are judging too promptly. Where does it says it’s alcoholized? Are you all dumb and so ignorant that you don’t know there are actually beers without alcohol? I am pregnant myself and been drinking de-alcoholized pina coladas, coolers and beers and IT IS OK to drink anyway 2 drinks per week, says the doctor. You guys should really calm your tits.

    1. You dumb cunt. I’ve neve3r heard of an alcohol free Bud Light… which is what this bitch is drinking, which is obvious by the label.

    2. Actually my doctor told me they don’t know how much alcohol it takes to cause fetal alcohol syndrome. I mean if it’s worth the risk for a drink then go for it, because it’s not illegal for a pregnant woman to drink.

    3. like Bud Light is the ONLY beer with a blue label out there… oh please. It might very well be nonalcoholic. I actually can name at least three alcohol-free beers with blue labels from memory: German Beck’s Alkoholfrei, Czech Birell NealkoholickĂ©, Hungarian Dreher Alkoholmentes … so what?

    4. I was NOT judging it by the blue label, I was judging it in comparison to the fucking bud lite that I had in my hand at the time of typing that.
      You can even tell that I was half in the bag bc I spelled it as “Bud Light” instead of “Bud Lite”. Thats the only type of beer I drink.
      Quite frankly, there are hundreds more beers that have blue labels.

    5. Drunk again. Apparently it REALLY is “bud light” and not “bud lite”. Wow I am fucking hammered, but at least I am correct that the beer that this bitch is holding is a Bud Light/lite.
      No matter what, I still win. Suck an AIDS dick.

    6. Oh DeadlyFoez, you ALMOST redeemed yourself there… almost. Now go back to drinking the cow piss that is Bud Light.

    7. You tried to call me out as if I was wrong, and in the end I was right and you look like an ass for trying to make me look like an ass. Don’t worry, I can make an ass of myself quite fine. I don’t need your help. And in fact when you try to make me look like an ass I will make sure that you are the one that looks like a dipshit in the end.

  5. Good. Population control. We don’t need idiots breeding even more idiots. Let them weed each other out. Hopefully she will be next.

  6. How is it a fail? She just realizes the chimp growing inside her had no chance to be anything in the first place.

  7. Ugh, this post is filled with over sensitive pansies… what does this chick drinking whilst pregnant honestly have to do with any of you lot?

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