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  1. maybe she did her workout already and is eating a fatfree frozen yogurt to quickly get the vitamins and wont gain the pounds she lost working out cause she pre burned it off. and didnt want to loose the weight or gain weight so she pre worked out. maybe she hasnt worked out so shes gonna eat that and then workout to loose the weight gain this way she can eat whaterver she wants instead of those people who suffer cause they go on diets and excersize, maybe shes smart enough to figure out how she can eat what she wants yet stll look skinny by exercizing after…… THIS IS MORE OF A POSSIBLE WIN!

  2. Ok, possible explanation:

    She is wearing a knitted Shirt, something one rarely will wear to workout, right?!
    So she is just waiting for someone, who is training there and she didn’t wanted to stand the whole time, so she sat down on one of the threadmills and watched TV. (And ate an Ice!)

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