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    1. How’ve you been?
      Sorry, but I’ve been out of the house for about four weeks and I’m getting phone calls and house visits from everyone I know. I’m commenting been the chaos.

    2. I’ve been pretty good! Thanks for asking. 🙂 Oh ok! Wasn’t sure what happened to you! How have you been? I thought maybe you quit getting on here for good.

    3. I’ve had to take part more than usual in a project that I’m involved in, and well, you know, shit gets thicker than was ever originally suspected. FML, right?

    4. Ah, I see. What kind of work do you do? I’m nosy. 😀 It just wouldn’t have worked without your expertise, maybe that’s what it is? hehe…I’m studying medical terminology in my hygienist class right now…want to trade? lol

    5. Well, I’ve got a project going with a few friends and I can’t really talk about it on these type forums, but I’m really one of those that does all kinda shit; wire, weld, plumb, manual labor, truck drive, tractor/heavy machine drive, talk shit, kinda guys. Ya know? Just whatever gets the job done.

    6. Female work productivity ceases when I work on their drains. Just saying; no brag, just facts.

    7. LOL…well, some women find plumbers sexy I guess. Such a curse! All the ones I’ve dealt with wore shirts 3 times too small, were really hairy, had nasty hands and smelt weird. 🙁

    8. If you fucking smell I won’t be getting close enough to see what you are flashing!!! You would have to borrow some of my perfume or something. lol

    9. I smell sexy…Yes, I’m dirty right now. I’ll wash later. I’ve never been hairy, though.

    10. Lol there is a difference between working a day and being dirty and just not bathing for days on end. They smelt as if water and body wash wasn’t their friend.

    11. What dya say about getting real clean together and for about a week we try to dirty each other with each other’s vile and vulgar scents?

    12. @Ambrosia, I just talk to your DADDY he told me Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) is your Brother…. He had with his Sister….

  1. How is he an awesome dad? That 2 year old doesn’t care if the sled ride around the condo complex is in the Millenium Falcon, Barbie’s pink corvette, or just an actual sled. Every parent should spend time with his/her child(ren). To paraphrase Chris Rock, don’t brag about things you are supposed to do, like saying, “I raise my kids.” So?!? You’re supposed to. This guy might be awesome, he may very well be an awesome dad, but all that is evident in this picture is that he is a (possibly awesome) Star Wars fan.
    But hey, at least this isn’t an image of imagined phalli or fellatio, like most of the pics on this site recently.

  2. @Ambrosia, THANK GOD you taking HYGIENIST Class…. Did your Teacher teach you how to get pid of your “Rotten Dead Fishy Smelling Pussy” Yet???? With FIRE………

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