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    1. “…the public”

      So, constitution’s reference to the ‘People’ means anyone who wants to wander around with a holstered firearm, whether Oregonian, New Yorker, S. American drug carteler. He just wanders around and thumbs his nose at any cop who wants to at least figure out who he is and where he’s from?

      How many people actually watched the entire video? Does the law permit refusal of ID in that place? Something wrong with the law. ‘the People’ should be verifiable if they want to bear arms.

    2. This is a perfect case of an idiot trying to prove a point. Extreme knowledge of the law doesn’t make up for lack of common sense or just being an ass in general.

    3. It’s not because you tjing the law has to be fixed that everybody does…
      You’re not the center of the universe, boy.

    4. *think

      That beeing said, the guy could have been nicer to the cop (he’s just doint his job). To be right doesn’t allow to be an asshole.

    5. How the fuck can you douchebags call this anything BUT a pure win. Its completely legal for him in his state to carry a weapon. Its what our country was founded upon.he has every right to conceal his identity and not be held back for having a holstered gun. You all are fucking morons.

  1. Cop is just trying to do his job of protectig ppl from retards with guns, and this asholle is the reason of criminals are waling on the streets with loaded guns.

    1. Isn’t every gun legal when it’s made, and what the owner decides to do with it is the part that makes its use legal/illegal. Funny, it’s people like you who will be the first to hide behind someone with a gun if/when the s**t goes down. I didn’t realize hyprocrite was spelled dragunov…

    2. I don’t think that these ‘anger management’ fuckwits should be in charge of who gets a gun because they are fuckwits. Maybe if the psychological fuckwits would do some fucking science, then I might respect them more. Until then they should have the psychological sense to leave my fucking guns alone.
      My problem is this: Where does the constitution say anything about background checks on everybody that buys a gun?
      Aren’t there plenty of fuckwits that should be checked before everybody else?
      Or am I just fucking stupid like everybody else?

    3. This is a HUGE FAIL.. What a cock walking around with guns.. People don’t realize that this scares people, so they are trying to get a rise out of the cops but meanwhile you are scaring families because they have no idea why you are walking around with a gun.

      I hate faggots that act all high and mighty like this douche.

  2. Disagree. The “lawyer” is a disrespectful, arrogant child of a man. The cop had every right to run his ID in order to determine if in fact he was a felon, or not. I feel somewhat scared at the possibility that any moron walking around on public streets brandishing a weapon for all to see (what’s the point in that?? To be cool??) can run off at the mouth to a cop, then walk away without so much as giving his first name. Another classic example of someone who is trying to get a power trip. What a waste of time for the cop, who by the way was doing HIS job!!! I’d be pissed if I called and made a report about a man displaying a (loaded/unloaded??) weapon in full view and nothing was done to check what the real situation was.

  3. Of course they are going against this person’s Second Amendment Rights: It’s fucking Portland, the breeding ground of disgusting socialist and commies.

  4. the dude is a fucking cock sucker just tryin to start some shit cause he knows the law. Come to nyc and try that. try to get a word in befor you get your ass shot

  5. “This person’s 2nd Amendment rights?”
    You mean this asshole’s right to wave a frikkin gun in the middle of the street of a large city?
    You believe the world would be better if everyone carried a gun on his person, at all times? Where every little quarrel over, i dunno, cutting in line at the grocery store or accidentally bumping into someone on the street has a very serious potential of a mexican stand-off? Check each other’s reflexes? “What up guy? Ready for some fast-draw”? Something exciting like that? You like that scenario for your everyday life? Life of your parents, girlfriend, wife, children?
    You’re not living on a frontier anymore man.
    You’re living, and we’re all living in huge cities where everyone has to follow certain rules that slightly differ from Lewis and Clark times (like not shitting in the bushes or pissing next to a tree in a park, or not killing animals you see around you for food, or not having a rifle on your back while going on your afternoon walk).

    Not to mention this guy’s uber-pretentious “douchebag-from-the-bar-in-Good-Will-Hunting” routine, with all that quotes and legal precedents … If he tried this routine anywhere near where I’m coming from, he would end up handcuffed in the back seat of a police car in a matter of seconds.

  6. Cops implement the law; they just don’t understand it as in-depth as lawyers or judges. That “law student” was just a dick being pretentious and condescending.

  7. In Texas he would have been beaten, charged with assaulting and officer, and the camera lost or broken. Not a bad thing really, he sounds like a little dickhead who needs a beating.

    1. The problem is the law of the state. A cop should be able to verify he or she is talking to an American citizen.

      It could have been Justin Bieber. Or even Marston the Canadian.

  8. If i ever ran across some smart-ass law student or hippy who spent 30 minutes googling their rights, videotaping an officer while trying to give him the runaround like this.. i’d be so tempted to smack the bitch upside the head. This has been done so many times in the past it isn’t clever or funny anymore.

  9. That’s not a win. This guys just being a dick who’s deeming it necessary to flaunt his gun in broad daylight in what doesn’t actually appear to be a dangerous neighbourhood.
    That cop should’ve known better nevertheless. I see that over in ‘murrica, badly trained police officers seem to be as much of a problem as “dey taek er gerns, dey tek er freedum”-faggots like this one.

  10. Yeah, and what if this douche was in fact a killer and the cop did nothing. The cop would be in trouble and the news would be all over the event. It’s called preventative measures.

  11. This is a law school student fail. What a turd. I wish my daddy could send me to law school and buy me a thousand dollar pistol, that I act like an ass with, and possibly get it confiscated.

  12. Good for this guy.
    Douche bag cop made it out as if the guy was waving the gun around ready to fire away like some Muzzie whack job.
    He had it holstered on his side as any right to carry person will do. Even in liberal Portandia you can do this.
    As soon as cops learn what the fuck the laws are and what they can and cannot do to citizens.
    Did the cops ever think that this guy may be making bank deposits with cash on him and needs protection? Or perhaps works private security? Or perhaps he’s been mugged 12 times and is now ready.
    Go into the fucking ghetto and roust the blacks. There is where 90% of your illegal firearms are housed. Not on some white guy in suspenders walking down the street legally.

    1. Hey, dickhead, he can’t carry the damn thing in a holster in broad daylight. He has to conceal the weapon. Only certified LEO’s who are on duty can carry on their hip without concealment. They have to have their badge next to the gun as well..

    2. DUMBASS in a state were open carry is legal you do not need any type of licence to carry a loaded weapon on a holster on your hip, but you do need a permit to carry it concealed eddie money dumbass

    3. Hey Eddie money why don’t you do a Little research before you go calling someone a dickhead! Open carry of a firearm is perfectly legal in more than half the states in the u.s. so you are not only a dickhead but a dumbass too. Its people like you that don’t know the law and waste the officers time calling 911 on someone not breaking the law.

    4. It’s called an open carry you idiot.
      Open Carry States – Vermont, Montana,Idaho,Wyoming, Nevada. Arizona, New Mexico, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina
      Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Alabama, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, & Maine

    5. Those are the states that don’t require a license to open carry. Let’s not forget North Dakota, Minesota, Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Utah, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Hawaii & Maryland. These state require a license to open carry. There are only 6 states and a district that don’t allow open carry. Florida, South Carolina, Arkansas, Texas, Illinois, Washington DC

    6. @EddieMoney – Before calling someone a dickhead and then speaking out your ass, you should probably know what you’re talking about. Open carry is legal in Oregon by any non-felon adult with regular restrictions. Some states have certain restrictions for people not following the concealed-carry guidelines, but otherwise open carry is perfectly legal. So your dickhead comment might be true if this video were somewhere other than Oregon but in this case you are the FAIL.

    7. Eddie……you’re as lame as the purported 80’s singer you espouse.
      Learn some facts before you open that pie hole you usually have filled with kneegroid penis.

  13. what a dickhead. A cop recieves a phone call about a guy walking around with a gun and does his job and responds and this little yank shit just wastes taxpayers money and spouts some shit he got told by someone else. this is why the rest of the world hates americans…every prick thinks hes a big man by making other people feel small when really hes just causing a problem. if i saw this as a bystander i would have shouted at him till he cried an the cop would probably let me do it

  14. The problem is not the cop he is just trying to keep people safe. The problem is all the people who called because the man had a holstered gun. If those people would not have called the cop would have not come. Not his fault he is just doing his job. On another note i have a ccw and truly believe that open carrying a gun is the stupidest thing anyone person can do. Lets let the bad guys know you have a gun.


    1. the bigger problem is police that don’t know the law… if that kid was african american or latino american he would’ve been shot on sight

  16. This is NOT a win. This asswipe has other issues and is trying to compensate for his other inadequacies. This is why lawyers have such a bad rep…. trying to find loopholes and trying to circumvent the law to their own purposes… The cop was only doing his job; to uphold the law. If he is indeed a Law Student (based on this, mediocre at best), then shame on him for treating his fellow law-enforcing colleagues with disdain and disrespect. That’s okay – the law of the universe dictates that what you put out there is what you will get back tenfold. He’ll get his comeuppance; I hope someone will videotape it when it does! Way to show the world your stupidity and prove your inadequacy… SMH

  17. the bigger problem is police that don’t know the law… if that kid was african american or latino american he would’ve been shot on sight

  18. Its so refreshing to see most everybody agree this “law student” is a douche. Yes it may be illegal to detain you without suspicion of a crime but I would rather know cops are making she he isn’t a felon just running around with a gun in their pants. Sometimes common sense should over rule law. Devils advocate, he is trying to prove cops should be more informed I just feel he is doing it in a dick way.

    1. In my opinion, if a cop sees someone with a gun, and it is illegal for them to confirm his identity, then that law needs to change.

  19. This “law student,” or whatever he is, sounds like a dickhead, pure and simple. He may be right about a few things…so what? You come off better respecting the police (who Mr. Dickhead would cry like a baby for if he were being threatened) and not sounding like an arrogant young asshole who just memorized some laws to parrot.

  20. This is a real life TROLL!!!! Concealed Weapons Law does not mean you can walk around the neighborhood brandishing a fire arm. Also, he happens to video it? This is a douchbag that wanted to stir up controversy and since nothing was really going on, he made a scene. Everyone who cries about gun rights need to look at the books. The past 10 years are a total win for you all but you can still be influenced to vote like sheep by people telling you your guns are being taken away. Baaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaa goes the sheep.

  21. Wow Im sorry that was horrible cop work. Why? simply because they didn’t even get his identification. All the guy should have said was yeah I stopped you on suspicious activity because why would someone just be walking around with a gun that people reported. Ok granted that a little out there but what if that guy did have a felony or was wanted? I would have got some form of identification.

  22. IF HE WAS black or any other race than he would’ve been taken down hard, cuffed arrested and charged with something i bet.

    1. Each rece only sees what they want to see in the police. I am white and I have been shackled up, on more that one occasion, by power hungry dickhead cops… That being said, I have also been treated very well by other cops…

  23. “…the right of the People to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    The people being American citizens. I think the cops should have the duty (as in Duty = DUTY) to verify who this guy is. If the law doesn’t think so, the law should say who “the People” are. Maybe it does. School me.

  24. i can`t see any WIN.i would stop him too as a member of the community if i see someone like him walking in public with a gun.what is this here?a modern western?he is such a douchebag-student with a big wannabe mouth.MURICA sucks.sorry folks

  25. God damn it. Are you living in the wild wild west? WTF do you need a gun for? Guns are meant for one purpose only => killing other humans.

  26. Wow. A lot different in the UK. Unless you give police your personal details (name, Address etc) they will arrest you.

  27. and here we are !!! over 3000 gunshot victims in USA (first place in the world)….second place around 100 :))) gogogo USA :))))))))) just pathetic

  28. That honestly would have been a lot smoother if he just let him see that he was a legal owner of the gun…..not to add he was a dick when the cop just wanted to talk on a personal level.

  29. Glad the cops had to waste their time with this dipstick instead of fighting crime.

    Thanks a lot open carry moron.

  30. Portland Oregon is so full of cringing milksop liberals. They call the pigs every time they feel threatened. Carrying a pistol in plain sight is still perfectly legal in most of the USA. But the pigs are trained to respond to the complainers. This fellow knew his rights and should have asked for the name and address of the pinko whiner.

  31. The whiney laweyer guy actually highlights a point different to the one he’s actually trying to make.. He’s trying to say “i know the law and you’re an asshole lawman” – and I quite like that, however, the point he unwittingly makes is…what a fucked-up place America is…

    According to US laws (and in light of recent events) this guy could stand within shooting distance of a school with that weapon legally and not legally be stopped or questioned about who he is, why he’s there or what his intentions are. Anyone who thinks this is sensible is a fucking moron.

    The US would be a much happier and safer place if 90% of the population didn’t have guns. I mean seriously, the rest of the world looks on like WTF is America on? They have 300 million guns on the streets and are surprised and shocked when child-massacres happen every six months. America needs to grow up, seriously, the mentality of the public there is akin to a spoilt teenage brat. Grow up and put your guns down.. peace.

    1. Well put!! “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But I think the guns help”…(Famous words of Eddie Izzard.) In some places, guns are easier to get then medical care!!!

    2. Princess Stacy. You should have used “than” instead of “then”. “Than” is a comparison and “then” denotes the past.

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