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  1. Hummm, It’s not exactly a FAIL, perhaps for US but it’s correctly hand wrote (with french cursive alphabet : search picture with “alphabet ecriture cursive ” … (the beggining of C is in the other direction)

  2. Ever seen Ambrosia Ass-0?? ASK, Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) He love every lick on Ambrosia CRUSTY Ass-0…………

    1. To my knowledge Dora, Fred, whoever hasn’t been on in weeks. Miss him do you? And my ASS-O as you so stupidly call it is very very far from crusty. Some of us know how to wipe our ASS-O.

    2. Everybody says that shit: that I’m such a gentleman.
      You think they’re all being sarcastic like you, too?

    3. Awww..I’m sure you are a gentleman when you want to be. ;)And really you have to be nicer than some to be willing to wash a crusty ass…

    4. Associated with crustaceans; as if so crusty that it’s developing an outer shell. Like the nastiness you’d associate with 2faggo.

    5. 31 and 32 was funny as hell to me, but it may just be that I’ve not seen it in a month. That ‘Lady of the Lake’ shit could just get funny in and of itself. But the Testicles jokes were what really got me.

    6. I’ll have to watch them tonight! The lady of the lake has been funny to me most times she’s been on there! I watched like 10 episodes back to back one

    7. The Lady is on Ep. 31. That shit is funny. That ‘Lady’ is a funny bitch.
      The jokes on Testicles is on Ep. 32. Just keep in mind that the jokes are comparisons on the idiocy of Testicles defeating himself: “Testicles can tie his shoes with his feet”…Fucking funny!

    8. I hope they keep making this cartoon. It’s the funniest one I’ve seen in quite awhile, and it just gets funnier.

    9. Oh! Check out Drak changing into the werewolf in Ep. 31! That shit is funny!…At the end of the change, that is…

    10. He probably dont have crust on his Ass-o because his uncle lubes 2lolo’s A$$ with vaseline every night right Turd Breath

    11. @Dora-episode 31? No I just remember him coming out of that cave thing and it seemed he would turn into something! @Jimmy- they use tabacki spit! Hillbillies don’t fuck around with Vaseline!!

    12. Ha! That’s funny because it seems that “spitting” has become the porn fad!
      Amby, can I chew some backy and spit on your cunt so as to lube it? I don’t see much difference, myself?
      I only know that it used to be offensive to spit on somebody. Now, it seems to be the porn norm.

    13. Well, as you know, I’ve not been on the net for awhile. so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.
      I mainly download those that have the POV cunnilingis and doggy style perspectives.
      How ’bout you?

    14. You know. That’s the girls that you know that’s really into the cock and so the vadge just holds onto the tallywhacker while it’s pulling out?
      The ones that have a grab on it?
      The ones that just naturally have a mesmerizing “hold”?
      Know what I mean?

    15. Lol ahhh ok. Some are able to just contract the muscles in there enough that it holds it tighter…

  3. How Sweet Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) Will lick the all the CRUSTACEAN off of Ambrosia ASS-O…
    Grave Digger JIMMY bring the VASELINE to Finger Ambrosia and Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) ASS…

  4. This is a win. “Trust no one” he told the tattoo artist. The artist screwed it up or made a joke. Hence, trust no one. Clever.

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