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    1. Give it time Dorlingis, there is always a bigger fuckwit around the corner if you live long enough….lol

    1. What’s Cute?? Ambrosia…. Papa Smurf looking out from Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) BUTT HOLE or Frank Wank???

    1. Ha! I wear high heels with my suit though…I’m hoping you do not. Oh hey! Have you been watching The Walking Dead? I ask because I’m catching up on the last episode.

    2. I’ve not watched it in awhile. The last one I watched was the one where What’s-Her-Name came back from the prison and was gonna kill the governor but she didn’t. So I’m behind on watching it.

    3. Yeah, Laurie. That’s it. She played Marita Covarrubias on the X-Files. I give up on remembering anybody’s name because they just wind up dead anyway.

    4. American Horror Story is what I’ve mainly been watching. Waiting for the next season to start on that though.
      Been a casual observer of The Game of Thones. I hope the dragon girl is naked alot more this next season.

    5. I LOVE American Horror Story! I’m ready for the next season too! Have never watched Game of Thrones so I can neither agree nor disagree on the naked chick.

    6. If you like softcore porn, then Game of Thones is another one to watch. There’s some good story lines that go…somewhere…sometimes.
      But yeah, I’m hooked on Horror Story. I kinda think seson one was the best, but I don’t know. I like Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe and Frances Conroy, and most of the other actresses on it. It gives the actresses a good chance to shine I think.

    7. That’s what I’ve heard. It’s sex with fighting and a little dialogue thrown in….I need to give it a try! Lol I reallyyy liked season one but season two was pretty damn good as well. I’m wondering what season 3 will be like…

    8. Well, I read that the creators/writers were maybe doing something like the Salem Witch trials for season three, but that could have been just to mislead us.

    9. Well to me I don’t get why if he was so intent on killing her and hated her guts…why didn’t he just get her alone and shoot her in the head and be done? Why do they always have to talk about it and think about it blah blah. I like that she killed him and overall liked the ending but I know that if I hated someone like that and was intent on killing them I’d just shoot their ass and be on my way.

    10. Dean McDermott played a great murderous creep though. He was hot in season 1 and a total scuz in season 2.

    11. Yes! I heard that a while back. It wasnt long after Star Trek came out that he said he was, wasn’t it?

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