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  1. When Ambrosia does it she put one in her Rotten Dead Smelling Pussy and one up her Ass-o…. Set the AC to 6…. SEE HER CUM…….

  2. Not first!! No really, as much as i know this guy is fake, it still makes me friggin laugh……I needed that today. Now my sides hurt from laughing so much

    1. he will feel it next time he sets it to 600.0 instead of 0.600 🙂
      maybe he wants to test our 380 power suply to? 😛

  3. It’s another one of his videos. He intentionally makes mistakes to teach lessons to the viewers. He has a youtube channel but Epic Fail would rather trick you into thinking this is real and not tell you.

    1. Epic Fail fuckers are such evil bastards. Let’s turn them over to the internet police. We should sue them for being evil bastards.
      Let’s also bitch, moan and complain about GM taking a bailout, fucking over the Uhmerican people and moving to China.
      Or…oh…right…let’s just forget all that stupid shit.
      What did Selena Gomez do lately? That shit is really important.

  4. I am very drunk and this makes me happey! now I’m going to go donw stair s adn get some poppyseed cake! yummy!!!!!
    p.s. moonshine is yummy 🙂

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