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  1. I think that this is one of the few things where the phrase “Kill it with fire” truly fits. Just set that fucker on fire and walk away.

  2. This person’s dick must be cut off and destroyed, and the 3 ladies allegedly impregnated by him should get mandatory abortions for free. If you think eugenics is a bad thing, think again.

  3. Its posts like the one displayed in this picture that even though from a moral standpoint I am anti-abortion I favor keeping it legal. In fact in cases like this it might just be OK to go ahead and post birth abort this moron before he can contaminate the world.

  4. That’s the wheel of life. Surely his parent was someway like that and he had no one to help him. The main failure of a young adult is often his parents.

  5. Just what we need, some total retard that leeches off welfare creating more leeches for welfare. Somebody needs to have this dumb a$$ sister fornicator fixed before this animal reproduces any more. Anyone who thinks their goal in life is knocking women up and is this uneducated IS nothing more than an animal.

  6. I feel like making a joke about religious people being stupid, but this would be a low blow. Dude probably is so illiterate he can’t read a Bible/Korran/etc.

  7. You’re all missing the point. In fact this man makes a solid argument with supporting evidence. While his spelling, grammar, and articulation indicate a low level of education, his core message is that education will not help him achieve man’s highest aspiration: to fuck and impregnate bitches. He then supports this statement by citing three previous successful pregnancies.

  8. Good luck continuing god’s work when your homeless and can’t spell “Currently working for God by impregnating women” on your resume right.
    What in the fuck…

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