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  1. If I knew this person I would personally pay her to use those talons to kick 2homo directly in the balls…repeatedly.

    1. if you kicked 2homo’s boyfriend/uncle in the chin you might get lucky and hit 2lolo’s little balls

  2. Good Heavens! It looks like an unholy union between a mole and a human, something that could only come from the depths of Hell.

  3. All of you lowlifes should bow your heads and say a prayer for our poor brother in arms, Justin Bieber, while he is suffering through “substance abuse”. The dude is obviously not getting any “substance” and for a guy with his kinda money, that shit has got to hurt.
    From now on we should all have more empathy for everybody, especially any young rich fuckwits that has “substance” abuse problems.
    I mean, the fucker is really sad if you think about it, really; if any of you females have any idea of how to treat “substance” abuse or if you have any “substance” to donate, please let me know and I will do my best to spread your good will and s”substance” to “The Bieb”.
    God bless the little fuckwit.

    1. See? I told you you women were “insensitive”.
      I’ll bet “The Bieb” wouldn’t udress for you. He’s sensitive.

    2. I have no idea….lol I don’t want his wimpy ass undressing for me anyways. Too damn scrawny.

    3. I’m not labeling you as a hooker. I’m just really curious.
      I mean…can you describe yourself naked? Just asking.

    4. I believe we were talking about that on another post and I’m not sure what you mean. Talk about whatever you want! Lol it just seemed like you called me a hooker.

    5. It’s funny you want me to describe myself naked…what if I’m butt ugly? Lol don’t mind? I’m not but I just wondered.

    6. I think it would help us both if you’d just email me a photo of your kitty, no? Don’t think so? Yeah, well, I’m sometimes wrong, sorry.

    7. @Ambrosia YOUR NOT UGLY….. YES You are BUTT UGLY…. Now that Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) got his Sex Change, are you still going down on her??

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