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  1. That’s fucking creepy looking. They have lured many a kid into their pervovan judging by how filthy that outfit is.

    1. Sorry, but I’m not sure I understand. I was personally never a perv until after I went through pervity (around 11 to 12)and bunches of females started perviating me.
      I think I was psychologically okay until then and all this female perversion started to manipulate my feelings and ways of thinking.
      WTF is your excuse?

    2. Lol…Are you saying that women made you the pervert you are now? I don’t necessarily have one. I just enjoy it. You got a problem with that?

    3. I’m Uhmerican. I won’t accept any responsibility. That’s my fucking right!
      Now, do you want to blame me for your dick arousing cunt smell?
      What kinda craziness do you expect from a cunt crazed “gentleman”?
      And note how “gentlemanly” I’m trying to be.
      Just saying…excuse me, no?

    4. I’ll take responsibility for how my cunt smells as you so sweetly put it. Lol It’s up to me to as to how it smells, same as my choice to wear perfume etc. What isn’t my fault is that you find it so attracting. That’s out of my control! ๐Ÿ™‚

    5. And I wasn’t talking about me specifically, just used myself as an example…lol wasn’t assuming you would be attracted to me or are.

    6. See? You’re obviously an Uhmerican also. You even stated that you won’t accept responsibility for how the smell effects me. You even stated that you would try to enhance its’ smell with perfume and such. In other words; you’ll go to further extremes
      to assist in my perversion.
      So, remind me now, how is it that us guys are responsible for all this fuckedness?

    7. I never said it was all your fault!! Even with all that, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to be attracted or aroused by it!! I just choose to smell nice rather than like a smelly hobo. Is that so bad!? Bathing and perfume mean I’m out to seduce? Lol

    8. Well, I’m just saying that I have to smell first.
      You said, “I never said it was all your fault!! Even with all that, it doesnโ€™t mean you HAVE to be attracted or aroused by it!!”
      So, see? You’re double talking. If you won’t accept responsibility for me being “attracted or aroused by it!!”, then what am I responsible for? I mean, the smell of pussy was developed around 33 BC, right? I don’t know. But I wasn’t around back then, right?
      Excuse me, but by Uhmerican “standards” someone is always responsible, right?
      So, I’m to blame for my own situation of loving cunt?
      Isn’t that kinda…UnUhmerican…in and of itself?
      You mean to tell me that I’m to blame for my own faults?
      How fucking UnUhmerican is that shit?
      I must be stupid as hell cause I just don’t understand all this intellectual shit.

    9. Ok, me and my smells are evil. I and other women are to blame for your hard ons. Will you forgive me?? Please? Lol is that a better response?

    10. I’m sorry, but that sounded suspiciously sarcastic and alot like the classic femalian, “Just shut the fuck up or you’ll never get up in this stank”, reply.
      And YES! Damned right I’ll forgive ya. I mean, what else can I do to get all up in that stank? Do you think bitching, moaning, and complaining will help me sniff anymore?
      A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do, right?
      No perfume, though, okay? I like the soap and water smell, myself.

    11. You’re right. I’m sorry that I implied such.
      But how could I win the lottery and get some dirtied kitty panties?
      Is there some fetish of yours that I could work on that would provide me with some fresh dirty panties or am I just supposed to watch these crazy, cunt spitting, anal, dumbassed cum facial, new aged porn and imagine your aroma? Just asking.

    12. Do you seriously want a pair of dirty panties? Lol is that what you do when you watch them? And why not just watch some Debbie does Dallas if you don’t like the new stuff? Debbie does Dallas was a tad heavy on the crotch fros for me but hey, whatever gets you going. I’m wondering how we got on this subject…pikachu to porn! Lol

    13. @Ambrosia, See what happen after Dora (Aka Finger Fuck FRED) got his SEX CHANGER…. With his very own Pussy….. He don’t need you anymore..

  2. ON SALE…….!!!!! Ambrosia is SELLING her DIRTY PANTIES for $20.00….. Ambrosia will add her “SLIMLY ROTTEN DEAD FISHY STENCH” for $10,00 more…… For today only if you buy 5 of her DIRTY PANTIES with her “SLIMLY ROTTEN DEAD FISHY STENCH” You get 1 free……..

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