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    1. OMG! That is just awful. How could you put that up on EpicFail. Just look at it, it’s hideous. How was he allowed out with that haircut?

  1. I don’t see a fail here. It’s just 2 people showing affection for each other that just happen to be men. Seriously, this kind of homophobic crap needs to stop

  2. To the previous commenters…take the dick out your mouth and understand:

    The fail is at the couple intended on taking a picture of just themselves. Instead, they got two ugly gay guys making out the background.

    So…now all you politically correct guys can now go back to blowing each other.

    Have a nice day.

  3. I wonder what will those no fail ppl say if their son gonna kiss an other guy. Anyways this pic made for showing that homo pair u can see hetero pair stand so left on it…. I have no problem with homosexuality -ppl live their life as they want – im just not interested of watching a fully unnatural thing.

    1. i’m sure you are the kind that enjoy girls kissing? go f*** yourself with your “unnatural”. Nothing is more natural than 2 people showing their love for each other in a respectful way?

  4. Gay couple in the background. So what? No fail detected – maybe except for the fact that the left guy is awfully fat…

  5. Attention whore fags. ” Look at us…. aren’t we cool!!!??”
    Thank god for HIV/ AIDS,and high suicide rates in faggoty populace.

    1. There is no known “Patient 0” for HIV/AIDS so you can’t blame that on anyone. Highest suicide rates are actually dentists and orthodontists so go check them out first. And it’s cool to respect others, while you may bitch and whine about everyone not being white, blonde, blue eyed and tall, the rest of us are moving on. In the past, the same thing would’ve been said about black people and even women but now people are becoming more accepting, and while you stay down in your hole of hatred and discrimination, the rest of us will move on. <3 And they're not doing it for attention, they're doing a light peck, not a full on sex scene + if they wanted to gain more attention, they would've thrown lego hair and his date away, so no, you're wrong.

  6. This is a win. The little dude on the right found a hot beefy guy that he’s totally into. The haircut on the straight guy is the clear fail of this pic.

  7. LOL, for all the dumb ass HOMO haters who made comments about the two guys showing affection for each other by sharing something as harmless as a kiss. Obviously your the real fags…Practice dropping to your knees bitches I will be there to give u something to do.

  8. being gay is wrong its a psychological thing.
    if it was a natural thing how come men cant give birth.
    now we want to give rights to psychos that shit is disturbing.
    America is going to collapse now that we are getting away from the word of god. G Washington said that at ground zero

  9. Funny to see how retarded some of you are 🙂 Well, in 2013 there are still people who think that homosexuality is a sin, a perversion, or whatever they say about it. Well, you know what they say : You think that god is going to judge two same-sex people for loving each other, but you don’t think that he will judge you for hating people you don’t even know ? Come on…

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