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    1. Overvalued, common, gained through bloodshed: sounds like money, politics, and just about every other human endeavor. So, there’s no need to single out faith. Truth is, faith is not the problem in any of these. It’s the misuse of them – humans are the problem.

  1. mark. i would say its a response to the bombardment of religious dogma forced on all of us every day on t v, radio, billboards,human rhetoric etc.

    1. @Fury- From my experience some of the rudest, craziest, bitchiest, backstabbing and just down right unpleasant people have been people that attend one form of church or another. I’m not saying they all are by any means because I have met many that are as nice as someone can be, but I’ve met my fair share that weren’t. They feel they can say what they please, do what they please, act how they please and treat people how they please because they are religious and whoever their god is forgives them so all of that is ok. My point being that there are pretentious imposing asshole atheists and there are pretentious imposing religious assholes.

    2. PMS 666?? You are such a tard. A woman can tell her opinion without being on the rag you hillbilly.

    3. I have to disagree with PMS 666: Today many more atheists are becoming as zealots as most religious folks.

    1. Do you believe in Thor? I guess you don’t. Then, you are ateistic about Thor. You are atheistic about thousands of gods. I go just one god further.

  2. Faith is a trust or confidence in just about anything.

    Religion, which I presume commenter is referring to, is only one of them.

    Comment intelligence fail.

    1. But the statement makes sense only if faith is meant in a religious sense. So obviously also the post itself is referring to it.

    2. There is no evidence to suggest that it makes more or less sense if referring to religion. That is your and the commenter’s conclusion, which is based on prejudice.

  3. Ugh…can we just get over this religion nonsense, please? We’ve been at it for thousands of years already – don’t you think it’s time the human race grew up a bit? It’s tedious, at best.

  4. Well said, scrambled. Like I said above, it’s religious bigotry, and many of the other comments reflect that. If a person really did know the faith and the people in it, they would have a more intelligent opinion. (And don’t anyone spew your BS about knowing all those terrible Christians – you are just trying to justify your unfounded hatred by caricaturing what you can’t understand.)

    1. Oh, another person indoctrinated with nonsense in childhood. You are not untouchable, religion can be rightfully criticised and ridiculed as any other opinion.

    2. Spokk: I’d hardly call it indoctrination. I have a B.A. in philosophy and religion from the U. of Northern Iowa and a Ph.D. in religious studies from Marquette University. What do you have? (And for a stocking-stuffer: both my brothers are scientists – one a geologist and the other a physicist/chemist – and both are serious Christians.)

    3. Mark: Nice, you are an expert on history of ignoring evidence. Now seriously. You’d hardly call it indoctrination? You have not fully understood how one become a believer. If you (or anybody else) were raised under different indoctrination, you would believe in different god(s). Children’s mind accept and usually also believe anything it is told by parents or another authority. If you were raised, as I was, informed but not indoctrinated, you would have chosen freely.
      Physics/chemistry and geology directly contradict bible. Your brothers are probably either bad Christians or insincere scientists. What’s worse, it’s not their fault.

    4. Gee, Spokk, don’t know where to begin. But with space limitations let me just comment that faith is not a matter of science and scripture contradicting each other. Since I am not a fundamentalist, the Bible for me is not meant to be read in terms of measurable truth only (although there’s plenty in it). It is really a record of people’s journey of belief as God gradually unfolds sacred history leading us to Him, and all that entails. If that’s not for you, so be it. But we people of faith (many scientists included) find it worthy of our ultimate trust. As the saying goes, to a skeptic no proof is possible; to a believer, no proof is necessary.
      But, nice debate, Spokk. Let’s do it again sometime. (Oh, and whether you want it or not: God bless you!)

    5. Mark: You should notice that I talked about real stuff and you failed to react. What you’ve done is a typical behavior of a beliver in a corner – talking about some unproven imaginary transcedence. In fact, you’ve tried “argument from scripture”, “argument from personal experience” and “absolute morality/truth” thing. These don’t work.
      And the saying, it’s completely wrong. For a sceptic, the only possible proof is through evidence. Sceptics would be the first to defend existence of god, if there was an evidence for. But there is none. And the current state of our scientific knowledge even gives strong probability that there is no need for god from Big Bang to now. That makes your theistic god implausible. However the question of “prima causa” is still open, but saying it was god explains nothing (infinite regress).

    6. There you go, still talking about proofs and evidence. You still don’t get it: faith is the conviction of things reasonable but unseen. I and other believers are in that place. You are not. Not a matter of trying to ascertain through measurable proof at all. You will know if you ever become a believer.

    7. If you become a believer you likely won’t know anything, you’ll just have faith in the unknown.

    8. Mark: Now you try NOMA (see, I’m educated). Complete nonsense, since religions make enormous scientific claims.
      “Faith is the conviction of things reasonable but unseen”? I can’t see anything reasonable about Christian mythology. Reason means exploring evidence and making a proof upon it and it is exactly what you dogmatically don’t allow to touch your beliefs. Religious faith is in principle a denial of reason.
      And that exclusivist stuff, that’s your brilliant ego, right? You think you are so privileged. I get why you think so and I get it is very hard to overcome this great lifetime-built feeling with reason. Only very bright minds can do it – e.g. Dan Barker. I don’t expect you to do so. I know you don’t want to – Dan Barker didn’t want either. Even so you should really read his work, you’ll become a better theologian at least.

    9. Love these exchanges! I would have liked to have a good old-fashioned religion debate with you in college. But alas.

      Just one more thing before I bring my part in this thing to a close. In spite of all our faults, Christians have done more good around the world (feeding the hungry, working for human rights, starting the public school system in America (how’s that for irony!), fighting aids and countless other tragedies, and on and on, than any other group. That isn’t because we’re good people. We aren’t, and we know it. It’s because we serve a God who is always trying to get agape through our thick heads, and sometimes He uses us to that end, for which we give Him glory. Atheists love to throw mud at us, but did you ever hear of an atheist hospital? All they seem to know how to do is hate. At least we try to make a difference.
      I know you will have some clever comeback, for which I await with anticipation.
      Too bad you and I couldn’t have had a live debate and then lunch. Oh, well. See you in Heaven (I sincerely hope.)

    10. You say feeding the hungry, I say prolonging the starvation.

      Religion is not a requisite for charitable acts, neither is irreligion.

      I’m a fence-walker and prefer to do charitable acts anonymously, as I feel that vanity and promotion corrupt the innocence of charity and donation and turn them into adulterated gain. This might potentially help explain why you don’t hear about atheist hospitals.

    11. Mark: Religion is the ultimate cause and justification of wars throughout history. Period. Human rights? Are you kidding? What did you do for human rights of homosexuals? And for women? Think yourself – bible explicitly talks about inferiority of women. Fighting AIDS? By prohibiting contraception, you’re making it so much worse. I don’t have room for explainig all about this topic, but I do agree with Christopher Hitchens on this (even if I wouldn’t be as agressive), so read e.g. his “God Is Not Great” if you want more arguments.
      Absolute morality is another wierd/stupid concept. One thing is that morality obviously had to predate religion. Another thing is that you don’t really get your morality from bible, and I can’t imagine anyone would actually want to do so. It’s morality (especially Old Testament’s) is terrible and contains enormous amount of atrocities. And the doctrine of people being bad defaultly is one of them. This sort of inherited sin makes no sense logically, and is also completely crushed by evidence that Adam and Eve didn’t exist.
      I’m not throwing mud at you, I’m throwing mud on your religion. And I have the same right to do it as if I criticised any other opinion.
      About “atheistic hospitals”. Of course there aren’t any. Nobody does anything “for sake of atheism”. Nor good, nor bad things. Atheists do good based on a principles summarized in secular humanism. In my country, all hospitals are secular, you can call them atheistic metaphorically.
      To underline whole topic, I deploy a powerful quote by Steven Weinberg: ‘Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.’

    12. “I’d hardly call it indoctrination. I have a B.A. in philosophy and religion from the U. of Northern Iowa and a Ph.D. in religious studies from Marquette University.”

      well i think with your comments in later posts have proved that you are indoctrinated.

      please tell you just did Alpha Course and did not waste your fucking time doing PhD in religious studies, i mean for fuck sakes you could of done research to find the cure for Aids, or fucking Genetically modified Maze so it stop the starvation in the world. what a waste of time it only go’s to prove that are brain washed.

  5. Nothing in physics, chemistry or geology contradicts the bible. That is an incorrect statement. Don’t want to get in a theology disagreement on epic but Stephen Hawking is a believer. Einstein too.

    1. Einstein was a deist, Hawking is maybe too. But technically they are atheists. They both used the word “god” as an metaphore for sum of physics law. They dont’ believe in any kind of personal god.

  6. Now now children – play nicely. If people want to believe in imaginary fluffy friends let them…. Oh, they’re grown ups? Oh I see. Feckin idiots!

    1. Bible not only contradicts scientific facts, it also contradicts itself.
      And what has person’s intelligence to do with it? That’s what you were taught from childhood, right? That non-believers are evil, bad, ugly, stupid criminals that will burn in hell forever? That was supposed to keep you (and it did) in the church you dork.

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