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    1. WOW!!!! That’s so original! I definitely haven’t heard anything like that before on here. No, wait…I have. Which makes you yet another lame ass. Congratulations.

    2. Ambrosia, are you really just Kelta.Rose? It seems like you are since you showed up shortly after she stopped coming around here.

    3. Nope. I’ve been Ambrosia and only Ambrosia the entire time I’ve been here. Her leaving and me showing up was coincidence I guess.

    4. El Bastardo, How would a blind man drive by? How the fuck would a blind man navigate at all? You have to come up with better material.

    5. Lol @DeadlyFoez- I didn’t even think of that! I just saw another “I smell like fish” unfunny joke!

    6. @Ambrosia, You must feel at home with all of the DEAD FISH……… With all the SLIME and STENCH…

  1. 2lolo was just there and took couple of the fish and shoved them down his pants someone asked him why he did that 2lolo said that he wanted to smell like his sister

    1. @Grave Digger JIMMY, My Sister??? Please tell me you didn’t??? IT WAS YOU !!!! Who DUG Up my sister Grave….!!!!!!!! The COPS told us, someone had sex with my DEAD SISTER….. YOU’RE ONE SICK PUPPY……..

  2. no hay nada original en esta página web. todos ustedes son unos idiotas, excepto Ambrosia. Creo que Ambrosia es inteligente. el resto de son un desperdicio de oxígeno.

    1. I guess I’m an idiot for coming here, then, c. Anyway, many people come here to look at dumb pictures and videos of dumb things and then say dumb things (Some of them are just plain nasty, which I try not to be).

      It’s not a waste of oxygen, it’s just about having fun.

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