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  1. The music in the background doesn’t sound like Skrillex at all, does it? I might be wrong of course, as Skrillex isn’t exactly my cup of tea anyway…

  2. This is called gurning, it’s what happens when you take E so you’ll find people dancing over-enthusiastically and pulling odd facial expressions in clubs all over the world.

    Hey did you hear, Skrillex went back in time and created AIDS, also I hear he was Hitler’s dad.

  3. Hi MDMA, need my friend Dubstep! You two will go together and make human touch feel like a rainbow of dreams. Until you watch YouTube in the morning and realise what a gurner you are

  4. Who is “Skrillex”?

    No, I actually do not want to know, listening to that shitty music for a couple of seconds was enough waste of life time.

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