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  1. Why is this cunt so fucking stupid that she can’t think to get off the fucking phone and take off the fucking shoes?

    1. wawawawawa, I am walking down the street and than I fail, ohh nooo, I am going viral, never thought it would be on a video

    1. @Ambrosia, Remember when you first try on a hi-heels….. The very first step you took, the hi-heels turn into flats…….

    2. Thats why her skin turns red and her eyes fill with rage every time she sees a skinnier chick.

    3. Scumbag you are such a fucking idiot. You’ve said that shit before and it makes no fucking sense!!! I am not now or never will be jealous of other women. I am perfectly fine with who I am. Besides that I didn’t even say anything about her being skinny. I said those shoes look comfy. How does that make me mad and rage filled? Fuck off tard.

  2. Why didn’t she just walk on her toes? If you can’t walk heel toe like you’re supposed to, you just keep your weight on your toes to keep from doing what she’s doing. People…

  3. “No! I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time goddammit! It’s a condition! Whys everybody gotta give me so much shit about it!?”

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