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    1. @Bryan, I’m sending you DudeTits… DudeTits Love it when you play and suck his Tits….. But for $5.00 more you can Suck on his cock……

  1. i had to google to see if batman wasnt marvel, if you got this, you are way to much of a geek, you will never get laid, superheroes are for fags, anyone that fights crime in a costume is a retarded loser, the only superhero you are aloud to have is gi joe.

    1. @fuq first off, G. I. Joe is the most outdated snorefest in the history of anything ever. Second, “aloud”? Bro, the only retarded loser here is you.

  2. I dont see this as a fail. Only geeks and people that are really into that stuff would know that. I thought batman was a marvel character.

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