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    1. This breed will never join the normal masses. They want to act like apes. Oh wait, they ARE apes!!

  1. This guy is amazing! Mad skills.

    But.. I can’t believe some stupid dickheads always resort to racism?
    You are such a bunch of retarded small-minded little shits. You are just so fucking stupid. It’s sad that imbeciles like you are even on this planet. It is you who are not evolved.

    If you had even a fraction of the talent this guy has then you would be intelligent enough not to be racist assholes.

  2. Racists all secretly fantasise about sucking a black mans dick, & they’re so mad at themselves that they just spout racist shit on forums before wanking off to the thoughts of black cock, mmm yummy. You got to hate yourself to have so much indiscriminate hatred for others. Very confused little racist morons.

    Anyway, props to the rapper, he’s dope!

  3. Stupid people get racist when clearly this guy has mad skills.

    Stupid sad racist little assholes. Too stupid to think…about anything other than sucking black dick that is! Maybe that’s why you’re racist? Just angry at yourself & the fact that all you want to do is suck black dick. mmmmm.

    Anyway that video was dope!

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