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    1. I don’t know. There is a little too much for it just to be from a printer ink cartridge. With the way it is in the water it looks more like crude oil. I’d still fuck her though.

    2. See that’s what I was wondering. I’ve changed many ink cartridges and never had that happen. She’s a tad scrawny for my liking. Lol 😛

    3. Its always the Fat jealous girls that call Thin in shape women scrawny. I bet anything Ambrosia is at least 30 lbs over weight. She even chose to name herself after the most white trash fat ass picnic dessert of all time. Pig city.

    4. You could have said she is a tad thin but you used the word scrawny. Clearly you are hating. She is cute and you are jealous.

    5. Why is everyone worried about the ink and the skinny fat bitch… is that guy taking a picture of his SISTER in the bathtub?? Thats a Fail right there….

  1. Help me out here, why are you taking a picture of your sister naked in a bath with ink all over her. Even if you’re her sister, is that someting siblings do, take pictures of each other… naked… in a bath tub… covered in ink…

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