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  1. That’s Ambrosia Brother, he and his friends was going to Gang Fuck Ambrosia after they some some Pot… But her Brother Smell Ambrosia “Rotten Dead Fishy Pussy” Now he is RETARD…..

    1. @Con, If you have a chance to smell Ambrosia “Dead Rotten Fishy Pussy??? you will Capitalize all of your letters….

    2. Hey Amby, you want to go SOME SOME pot?? That retard is the worst speller on the North American continent. Word is, he can also suck a pretty mean dick!

    3. Haha!!! SOME SOME pot? I’m down! He’s also a pro at ASSTOMOUTH and anything to do with ASS-Os. Oh…And Typin Like this and not knowing any grammar what so ever and….well…I could go on.

  2. Ladies, meet cam! Believe it or not this majestic specimen of the human type is single! Get this keeper before the impending coma does!

    1. It was, he even says it in the beginning “it’s been a while since I let myself go and uh was willing to smoke spice.” Not to mention the video is called K2 fail which is a well known brand name Spice being another.

  3. How the fuck is that funny?! That one friend giggeling like a girl is retarded. He’s got to be. How can you not take it serious that your friend is doing that bad? Damn.. Losers

  4. “bath salts” and such drugs are not any better than meth. If you want to do that shit then just check yourself into a hospital. Nasty shit there.

    1. They spray synthetic cannabinoid receptor inhibitors on a mixture of spices and herbs. The herbs are legal and the substances are not (yet, I believe) controlled in the U.S.

      Some people develop permanent reactions on the first hit. It’s chemical Russian roulette.

  5. Oh so hilarious! The dude who’s taping this is a total dickhead; giggling like a lil’ retarded bitch when his friend is having the worst trip of his life.

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