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  1. Today is the day that 2homo went from a little boy to a mature faggot.
    He’s about to have that condom up his ass thanks to a big black fullback.

    1. I am beginning to think that you have a 2lolo infatuation, since ALL of your comments are about him. I’m so sorry…….

    2. Does anyone knows if “FISHY” a boy or a girl?? If he is a boy, Ambrosia can have him… But if “FISHY” A Girl.. I’ll give her a good time…..

  2. What a tard. He clearly doesn’t have enough bracelets on. 30 fruity colored bracelets just won’t entice the men to use that condom on him, which clearly is what that’s for because he would never need magnum size.

    1. they just mean he can do Autopederasty and Autofellatio, also the help cover the scars on his wrists the fucking sick cunt Emo

    1. ok, i finally got why this is a fail and feel dumb, a magnum would be much too small for this strapping young charismatic buck

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